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Management Team > Dr. Timothy P. Barber

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Dr. Timothy P. Barber

Dr. Timothy P. Barber

Tim Barber is Chief Scientist at parent company Keynetics.

Dr. Barber founded Keynetics in 1998. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University, and degrees in Philosophy and Physics from the University of Virginia. He is the inventor of device fingerprinting and numerous other technologies that underpin the stability of electronic commerce as we know it today. His unique foresight has shaped the success of leading anti-fraud solution Kount, and affiliate marketing giant ClickBank.

Prior to launching Keynetics, he spent seven years as part of an elite federal research group selected to solve some of the most difficult computational problems facing U.S. national security. His current research is in artificial intelligence, and the diagnosis of the algorithms that underlie the human capacity for abstract reasoning.

His resume is online here.