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Most fraud detection companies focus on the threat of fraud. On the other hand, the Kount team focuses on the solution, ensuring that you have the certainty of protection, today and well into the future.

Bradley J. Wiskirchen, CEO, Kount

Bradley J. Wiskirchen

Chief Executive Officer

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Jim Gasaway, Chief Technology Officer, Kount

Jim Gasaway

Chief Techology Officer

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Rich L. Stuppy, Chief Operations Officer, Kount

Rich L. Stuppy

Chief Operations Officer

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Jack Alton, Senior Vice President of Sales, Kount

Lisa Dean

Senior Vice President of Sales

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Kate Lenz, Vice President of Human Resources, Kount

Kate Lenz

Vice President of Human Resources

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Donald Bush, Vice President of Marketing, Kount

Donald Bush

Vice President of Marketing

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Kelly E. Reynolds, Vice President of Merchant Services, Kount

Kelly Reynolds

Vice President of Client Success

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Kody Kraus, Vice President of Finance, Kount

Kody Kraus

Vice President of Finance

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