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Kount Fraud Prevention Extension
Using Kount with the Magento Payment Bridge

Every online merchant runs the risk of criminals infiltrating their site and making fraudulent purchases. That costs you money, time and resources. Purchases, free trials, new accounts, downloads, etc., are all areas that fraudsters like to target. Whether you’re selling digital goods or shippable items criminal networks are looking to steal from unprotected sites. Since every online merchant is 100% responsible for fraudulent transactions, it doesn’t take much to really hurt your bottom line.

KOUNT MAKES IT EASY to stop fraud and gives merchants the opportunity to grow revenue without worry. Now you can choose to implement Kount's award-winning fraud protection platform with a Magento extension or through the Magento Payment Bridge. Either way, stopping fraud and increasing sales has never been easier.

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Kount gives merchant what they need to confidently grow sales without worrying about fraud.

  • Set-up is easy, takes just minutes with Magento Extension
  • Also available on Magento Payment Bridge
  • May provide enough ROI to cover Magento Platform fees
  • Increased Revenue, Accept More Orders
  • Expand into new markets/international
  • Real-time fraud screening for accurate results
  • Response in 300milliseconds, no customer interruption
  • Works with and PayPal
  • Simple interface for easy review of transactions
  • Protects against charge backs
  • Reduces the need for manual review
  • Full business analytics reporting
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