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For more than a decade Kount has been developing industry-leading fraud prevention services that help online merchants boost sales and reduce losses associated with fraud. Kount reviews billions of transactions and protects some of the world’s best-known brands. What can Kount do for you?



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For All Types of Online Merchants and Retailers

Built by online merchants for online merchants, Kount Complete™ is the most comprehensive, all-in-one fraud solution on the market today. For more than 15 years our technology has been stopping fraud and allowing online merchants to increase revenue. Kount’s advances in both proprietary techniques and patented technology include:

  • Superior mobile fraud detection
  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Smart, multi-layer device fingerprinting
  • IP proxy detection and geo-location
  • Transaction and custom scoring
  • Global order linking
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Comprehensive order management

Because we develop and own our core technology stack, Kount delivers fast, accurate decisions in just a fraction of a second. But don’t let the sophistication fool you. Kount was designed to be simple to implement and simple to use for easy fraud detection and dramatic improvements to bottom line profitability.

Kount in Action

Kount Complete Process Graph

For each transaction, Kount’s “decisioning” engine analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time providing the most accurate fraud prediction available. Proprietary and patented technology, advanced machine learning and collaborative data accumulation give Kount customers unprecedented insight into fraud and risk, while at the same time helping show patterns and opportunities for growth and expansion. All in less than 300ms.

The pricing and value we get from Kount is totally worth it. We avoided about $103,000 in chargeback fees and fines, as well as lost / stolen merchandise. You’re going to want to go with Kount.

Kari Bernardo
E-Commerce Risk Manager
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Who Uses Kount?

The flexibility of Kount’s fraud prevention platform makes it ideal for most online businesses, from digital goods to luxury merchandise, to services to new account creation and more. Here are a few of the industries in which Kount has been proven to be effective at reducing fraud and increasing sales:

  • Affiliate Networks
  • Luxury Retailers
  • Business-to-Business
  • Multi/Omni Channel
  • Digital Goods Retailers
  • Online Games
  • Electronics Retailers
  • Online Gambling
  • Gift and Prepaid Cards
  • Telco Networks
  • Health & Beauty
  • Ticketing & Events
  • Insurance Companies
  • Travel
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What is the “F” Word (Fraud) Costing You?

Try the fraud calculator to get a clear picture of how much you are spending and potentially losing to fraud, and what you can do to correct it.

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Kount Complete Screenshots

Kount’s Agent Web Console delivers all the information about a transaction on a single screen. The page is customizable and can be set up to match the needs of each user.

Kount Complete Web Console

This view allows merchants to see where their transactions are coming from and where there is trouble.

Kount Complete Transaction Map

Merchants can set up dashboards to provide regular information on how well the systems is running, where there are problems of fraud and many other elements for detailed reporting. Dozens of other graph types are available to help visualize a merchant's data.

Kount Complete Merchant Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Kount better than its competitors?
Kount uses several patented and proprietary technologies such as artificial intelligence, order linking, device ID, geo-location, mobile signals and others, to screen fraudulent transactions. Many other solutions on the market only use one or two tools to try and limit fraud. Kount reviews hundreds of data points associated with each transaction to determine whether the transaction is valid or not.
How difficult is Kount to install and use?
The Kount platform was developed by merchants for merchants. We know most merchants are not IT or fraud experts. Our platform takes a minimum of integration effort. In fact, some customers have it up and running in a matter of hours. Once integrated and tested, Kount is easy to use and maintain, even by merchants with no fraud prevention experience.
What payment types and platforms does Kount support?
Kount works independently of payment type and can support any payment type that you do. We see payments from 180 countries each day.

Kount supports ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware, Oracle ATG and several others. We are adding new platforms daily. If you want to know about the platform you use, contact Kount today.
Will using Kount slow down the checkout process?
Absolutely not. Kount responds in an average of just 300 milliseconds, making it completely transparent to users. This means the checkout process and user experience are unaffected by Kount fraud detection screening.
How much does Kount cost?
The real answer is, it depends. Our pricing model is based on transaction volume. For an estimate, contact Kount today.
Does Kount offer training/ongoing support?
Yes. Every customer gets one-on-one training and support as long as they use the system.