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2 Minutes on Fraud

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Give us two minutes and we’ll give you the latest updates on fraud. Staying current on trends is vital for fraud and payment professionals, but sometimes, just getting the time is a challenge. Have a question you need answered in 2 minutes or less? Email us at

2 Minutes on Fraud: Episode 3 – “The Chargeback Lag?”

The 30-60-90 day lag in chargeback reporting can be discretely hidden by record sales. To make matters worse, the chargeback lag means your financial reports will show a distorted picture of your company’s performance. For example, sales you thought you had in December could actually turn out to be ugly losses in February, March, and April. Don Bush, VP of Marketing, Kount, explains the pitfalls of a chargeback lag and the importance of getting in front of this common hazard.

2 Minutes on Fraud: Episode 2 – “Manual Review: Helping or Hurting?”

Manual Reviews are often a last line of defense against fraud, but is your review process costing you profits? If your “cost-per-manual-review” does not decrease as sales grow, that means every new order actually reduces profitability. Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing, Kount, explains how determining your own optimal Manual Review rate can protect profits.

2 Minutes on Fraud: Episode 1 - “Zero Chargebacks?”

Chargebacks are expensive. They cost your business time and money. But the goal of zero chargebacks might not be the best strategy either. Merchants trying to achieve zero chargebacks are often leaving good sales and frustrated customers in their wake. Don’t use a chainsaw, when you should use a scalpel. For each merchant, there is an optimal chargeback rate, which allows for maximizing sales while mitigating risk. Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing, Kount, explains chargebacks and examples of optimal rates.