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Travel Industry

As airlines, hotels, car rental companies and online travel agencies embrace online and mobile commerce, card-not-present fraud poses a growing threat. These variable purchase paths mean that fraudsters have multiple channels through which to perpetrate fraud.



Buy Versus Build

There are scenarios where building components of a risk management strategy can be beneficial for cost or performance reasons. Understanding the total cost of ownership for either strategy is an informative way to decide what is right for your business.



Kount Mobile Payments & Fraud Report 2015

Mobile sales currently account for as much as one-third of U.S.e-commerce sales and they are growing at more than twice the clip of online sales as a whole. Top retailers see the changing online shopping landscape and are adapting to how consumers like to shop: from their smartphones.


Mobile Payments & Fraud Report

Kount Mobile Payments & Fraud Report 2015

Thousands of survey respondents participated worldwide to measure and identify the latest trends, opportunities, and issues facing the mobile payments and fraud industry. Download the full report to compare your mobile strategy to what's trending in the industry today.


Reduce, Eliminate Manual Reviews

Reduce, Eliminate Manual Reviews White Paper

Are Manual Reviews Stealing Time, Growth, Flexibility and Profits? Manual reviews are often the last line of defense against CNP fraud. But what if your review process is actually costing you profits? This Solution Brief identifies ways to minimize (or even eliminate) manual reviews.



Device Identification: Moving Beyond the Device White Paper

Device Identification – Moving Beyond the Device explains how Device Identification - when combined with larger fraud strategy - can be a very sophisticated weapon in the fight against online fraud.


Reducing Fraud Loss for Digital Merchants

Reducing Fraud Loss for Digital Merchants White Paper

Reducing Fraud Loss for Digital Merchants takes an in-depth look at what is available today for digital merchants and how they can use 'best practices' to reduce fraud, increase sales and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.