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Kount Affiliate Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount eliminates the risk associated with affiliate network channels whether your strategy is pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead or pay-per-download.


Automotive & Powersports

Kount Automotive and Powersports Fraud Prevention Solution

Shift sales into high gear and leave fraud by the roadside with Kount.



Kount B2B Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount has been proven effective for B2B organizations by saving time, money, resources and losses due to fraud.


Digital Good Retailers

Digital Good Retailers Fraud Prevention Solution

When selling digital services, speed and accuracy of acceptance is key to increasing sales. Kount stops fraud in less than 300ms.


Electronics Retailers

Kount Affiliate Fraud Prevention Solution

Electronics retailers are a top target for fraudsters. Kount helps retailers unplug fraud and amp up sales.


Gift Cards

Gift Card Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount protects retailers and gift card distributors from stolen or compromised gift cards from being used or purchased.


Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty Industry Fraud Prevention Solution

Fraudsters are always looking to turn stolen goods into fast cash. Kount stops the fraud before it starts.


Luxury Retailers

Luxury Retailer Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount gives high-end and luxury retailers a simple way to protect their brand while reducing fraud and increasing sales.


Multi-Channel Retailers

Multi-Channel Retailer Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount can reduce fraud and increase the number of good orders for any type of channel including mobile, PC, POS, mail/phone order or more.


Online Games

Online Gaming Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount offers online game companies unique features that make it easy to accept more new customers and control fraud losses.


Online Retailers

Online Retailer Fraud Prevention Solution

Online retailers make more money with Kount because we allow them to approve and accept more good orders.



Telco Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount’s mobile SDK provides features that make it easy to accept more new customers, control fraud losses and maintain a friction free checkout experience.



Insurance Fraud Prevention Solution

Resolving fraud scams after the fact is expensive and disruptive. Kount dramatically reduces fraudulent applications, payments and claims.



Online Gambling Fraud Prevention Solution

With Kount you can keep the game safe and fair for your customers while keeping fraudsters from slipping through the cracks.



Travel Industry Fraud Prevention Solution

Keep your customers happy and stop fraudsters before takeoff. Kount provides a 300ms response time for friction free checkout.


Ticketing & Events

Ticketing & Event Retailer Fraud Prevention Solution

Customers don’t want to wait for downloads to start. That’s why the entire Kount process takes just 300ms.


Payment Processors

Payment Processor Fraud Prevention Solution

Kount helps payment processors offer valuable fraud mitigation services to their entire merchant customer base.