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Protect Your Affiliate Network and Increase Sales

Kount Affiliate Fraud Detection Solution

Affiliate networks can add reach and revenue to your product or service but they’re also a favorite hangout for fraudsters – increasing your exposure to fraud several times over. Kount eliminates the risk associated with your affiliate channel whether your strategy is pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead or pay-per-download – and works seamlessly whether you have an internal affiliate team or are aligned with a third-party affiliate network.

Specifically, Kount enables you to:

  • Confirm legitimate transactions with real-time response
  • Keep fraud out of your network, increase revenue
  • Maximize affiliate channel sales
  • Benefit from millions of affiliate transactions around the world
  • Stop paying for fraudulent leads and sales

Case Studies


When ClickBank deployed the Kount Complete™ solution, they found the level of automation combined with the customized rules engine was just what they needed. It takes just one individual to handle fraud prevention for ClickBank’s 30,000 daily transactions.

CD Baby

When chargebacks/losses totaled over $26,000 in a single month, CD Baby turned to Kount. After implementing the Kount Complete™ solution, chargebacks fell dramatically, down to just $850 a month the first full quarter that the solution was in place.

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Reduce the Cost of Your Affiliate Network and Increase Revenue

Kount’s Affiliate Monitoring identifies fraudulent affiliate behavior before paying commission for a click or sale.

Affiliate Monitoring

Benefit from the insight of millions of affiliates around the world. If affiliates are identified as fraudsters, they can be banned from the affiliate network. Kount can subsequently identify any order activity generated by a banned affiliate to prevent fraudulent orders.

Kount’s Affiliate Monitoring identifies fraudulent affiliate behavior before paying commission for a “click” or “sale.” Since this occurs in real-time, the fraudulent order can be rejected and the merchant can avoid paying a commission to the affiliate.

The Kount platform includes multiple interlocking technologies to combat fraud

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Kount uses several different technologies to block fraud from getting into your affiliate network.

Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™ collects a comprehensive set of data that positively identifies a device in real time – whether fixed or mobile. Kount analyzes user behavior, determines whether or not the device has been associated with fraudulent activity and, if so, blocks access to the user.

Proxy Piercer® reveals fraudsters who use proxy servers and uncovers their actual locations.

The Kount platform includes many other technologies to combat fraud, such as Artificial Intelligence, velocity checks, affiliate monitoring, AutoAgent™ and Persona™ linking technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Order Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions that have beenproven to be risky or fraudulent

Order Linking

Affiliate fraudsters often try several ways to break into a network. Order Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions, whether they involve applications, sales, or downloads originating from the same fraudster or group of fraudsters. Wherever they try to steal around the globe, we’ll see it and keep them from penetrating your system. Order Linking uses patented technology to show several types of associations that are proven to be risky and fraudulent.

Kount makes it easy to search and create reports and dashboards from your own customer database

Real-time Search and Business Intelligence – Big Data

All of these technologies work together to collect and create a large amount of data about your customers’ purchasing habits. Kount makes it easy for you to search and create reports and dashboards to find the hidden relationships within your own customer base. Using this data you can enhance sales and marketing opportunities, increase customer satisfaction and monitor the overall health of your ecommerce system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a third-party affiliate network to help drive additional sales of our product. Can Kount help reduce fraud coming through another network?
Yes. Kount reviews all transactions and can link them to their origination, revealing fraudulent activities. Before you approve the lead, download, or sale, Kount can give you insight that eliminates fraud and accepts only valid transactions.
When we find a bad affiliate we kick them off the network and close their account, but they just come back and sign up again. How can Kount protect us against this type of activity?
Kount’s Patented Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting and Order Linking technology makes it nearly impossible for blocked affiliates to regain access to the network. Kount also creates a negative list you can monitor to keep blocked affiliates from signing up for new accounts – even if they try to mask who they are. Sometime affiliates try to pass themselves off as customers by using stolen credit cards to pay for products. Not with Kount. We link these and stop this type of scam, as well.
I want to pay commissions fast to keep affiliates happy but I get burned with chargebacks when a sale turns out to be fraudulent. Does Kount work fast enough to protect me from paying commissions on fraudulent orders?
Yes. Kount’s patented process and technologies work in an average of just 300 milliseconds. That means you won’t slow down the checkout or download process and can still minimize fraud losses.
I use a service that has a database of bad affiliates. Why would I need Kount?
Databases and lists of known fraudsters can be helpful, but with today’s technology fraudsters have become more sophisticated, smarter and better networked than ever before. Because many affiliate fraud cyber gangs hit a network and are gone in a matter of hours, the only way to stop today’s affiliate fraudster is with technology that works in real time at speeds below a second. Kount responds in an average of just 300 milliseconds, staying ahead of fraudsters and protecting your network.
Can Kount review transactions from affiliates anywhere in the world?
Kount’s global reach tracks affiliate fraudsters wherever they try to hide. Kount has reviewed transactions from millions of legitimate and fraudulent affiliates worldwide. Our platform uses several technologies, combines hundreds of data elements and analyzes them in a fraction of a second so you know right away if the sale, lead or download is legitimate – before you lose valuable time and money.