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We’ve found that the fear of fraud causes many Automotive, Powersports and online Auto Parts retailers to throttle back on operations. How much further could you go without the fear of fraudulent orders and excessive chargebacks?

Everything we do at Kount is to empower our customers – to liberate online retailers from the fear of fraud. We help you scale your business with confidence.

Kount helps automotive, powersports and auto parts retailers Boost Sales and Beat Fraud™ with features such as:

  • 300 millisecond response time that doesn’t slow transaction approvals
  • Single platform interface for ease of implementation and ease of use
  • Mobile device detection with mobile SDK for custom development
  • Reduced need for manual review and a simple one-screen interface

Use Cases to Beat Fraud & Boost Sales

The flexibility of Kount’s patented technology can be implemented in a wide variety of applications and use cases without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.

Reduce Chargebacks with Kount Fraud Detection Software

Reduce Chargebacks in 30-Days or Less

Chargebacks can be a leading indicator of fraud. When chargebacks get out of control you risk costly fees, lost or stolen product, and suspension or loss of credit card acceptance privileges. Kount reduces chargebacks without negatively impacting sales. Our fraud-fighting platform works fast and dramatically reduces chargebacks in the first 30 days. Even if you are already in an Excessive Chargeback program, Kount can help get you back on track, fast.

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Reduce Manual Reviews with Kount Fraud Detection Software

Reduce or Eliminate Manually Reviewed Orders

Attempting to reduce fraudulent transactions by increasing the number of orders manually reviewed is a costly and non-scalable proposition. And, if your business offers digital goods, manual review may not be a viable option. Kount provides better initial fraud screening with behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, transaction scoring, and several other patented and proprietary technologies. Most clients reduce manual reviews to just 2%-3% of transactions, or eliminate them altogether.

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Increase Sales Revenue with Kount Fraud Detection Software

Increase Sales Revenue

Most online merchants want to expand revenue opportunities and increase market share while reducing fraudulent transactions and the risks associated with growth. Kount takes the guesswork out of suspicious transactions, either domestic or cross-border, and allows online merchants to accept more good orders. With Kount’s business intelligence reporting it’s easy to see how you can increase sales and marketing impact while reducing the risk of fraud.

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Accept More Orders with Kount

Real Time Analysis and Scoring

All-in-one Solution, Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Even though Kount makes it easy to set up and use, our world-class fraud protection employs advanced and patented technology to find and stop fraudsters before they cause trouble.

Automotive and Powersport brands and Auto Part merchants selling online must ensure their brand reputation is consistent and aligns with customer expectations of speed and easy handling, or they risk alienating them and losing out on sales. Kount’s patented technology makes it easy to provide best-in-class protection and keep the checkout process friction free.

Mobile Device Analysis

Interlocking Technologies Working Together

Using interlocking technologies, Kount keeps fraudsters from slipping through the cracks during the payment process. The Kount platform includes dozens of patented features and proprietary processes to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

  • Proxy Piercer® combats fraudsters who use proxy servers to hide their actual location.
  • Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™ collects a comprehensive set of data that positively identifies a device in real time— whether fixed or mobile.
  • Mobile Device ID and SDK make purchasing on a mobile device easy and secure while eliminating fraud.
  • AutoAgent™ feature collects data from third party resources building my customer profile while reducing the need for time consuming manual order reviews.
Kount Fraid Score

Order Linking

Order Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions originating from the same fraudster or group of fraudsters. Wherever they try to steal around the globe, Kount sees it and keeps them from infiltrating your system. Order Linking uses patented technology to show several types of associations that are proven to be risky and fraudulent.

These technologies help dramatically reduce chargebacks and refund rates. They also help foil known fraud rings that target websites with repeat attacks.

Realt Time Search

Real-time Search and Business Intelligence

All of these components work together to collect and create a large amount of data about your customers. You now have access to valuable device data, CRM data, shopping cart data, payment data, supply chain data and more in one easy to use system.

With Kount’s business intelligence tools you can find the “hidden relationships” within your own customer base to enhance sales and marketing opportunities, increase customer satisfaction and monitor the overall health of your ecommerce system.

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