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Reduce Fraud for Healthier Profits

Health & Beauty Fraud Detection Solution

The market for health and beauty products is robust, but high demand means the industry is also attractive to fraudsters looking to turn stolen goods into fast cash.

Determining good orders from bad orders is getting more and more difficult in ecommerce, mobile and phone order channels. Without a real-time, complete, end-to-end view of what’s happening within your store, stopping fraud losses while preserving a good customer experience is nearly impossible.

Kount has unique features that include:

  • Real-time monitoring of transactions to detect organized fraud
  • Real-time review of purchases and payments
  • Effective on any platform, including mobile
  • SDK for Mobile application development
  • Cross-border/international reviews from more than 180 countries

Case Studies

Adding new products? Going international? Don't let fraud slow down growth. See how Kount helped grow their business and maintain a healthy bottom line. is the largest online sports nutrition company in the world. But when it came to strengthening fraud prevention, they turned to an industry powerhouse: Kount.

“Since implementing Kount, our chargebacks have been drastically reduced and our confidence level in accepting orders has increased. In fact, we’re accepting more orders than ever before.” Nick said. Keep your body running at peak performance with, Keep your bottom line healthy with Kount.

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Kount Complete Protection

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Fraudsters are smart, sophisticated and determined to steal from you. That’s why Kount uses multiple, proprietary technologies to stop fraud... keeping your bottom line healthy and your customers coming back for more.

Kount’s award-winning platform includes several features such as: active and passive device identification (including mobile device ID), velocity checks, IP geo-location, proxy detection and Persona™ technology, to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

More information on Device ID, Mobile Detection, Proxy Piercer®, Persona™ and AutoAgent™ can be found on our Kount Complete™ products page.

Real Time Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Fraud happens too fast to rely on anything but sub-second, real time analysis. Reviewing hundreds of data points, the Kount system generates the Kount Score in an average of just 300 milliseconds, for every transaction. The Kount Score is a highly accurate prediction of fraudulent activity using information from billions of purchase attempts, logins and account creations. All in real time.

Affiliate Monitoring

Affiliate Monitoring

Kount’s Affiliate Monitoring allows merchants to quickly identify fraudulent affiliate behavior prior to paying the commission for a “click” or “sale.”

If certain affiliates are deemed suspicious Kount allows a merchant to flag any orders associated with these suspected affiliates. These flagged transactions can then be routed for manual review by the merchant’s risk assessment team. If affiliates are identified as fraudsters, they can be banned from the affiliate network and Kount can subsequently identify any order activity generated by a banned affiliate to prevent fraudulent orders.

Reduce Manual Reviews

Reduce Manual Reviews

When manual review is necessary, Kount makes it easy with a set of features that automate many of the tasks required to validate transactions.

Features like “auto-decision” help risk assessment agents more quickly determine whether an order is valid, or if a manual review is necessary.

Merchants can also access third-party risk assessment functionalities such as TARGUS info, LexisNexis and other database and reporting agencies, through the Agent Workflow Console, enabling agents to seamlessly gather customer information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t fraud prevention products simply reject questionable orders?
Some fraud prevention products make broad assumptions when reviewing an order, resulting in fewer approvals, lower conversions and customer frustration and loss. Kount’s advanced screening technology reviews hundreds of data elements in real time to determine which orders are good even when they may look suspicious, meaning more approved orders. Many customers see an increase in the approval rate and conversion of orders after implementing Kount.
What about the systems I use now, does Kount work with them?
Kount is designed to work with your current systems and payment providers. Implementation is easy.
How fast does Kount work? I cannot slow down my checkout and approval process.
Kount reviews hundreds of data elements, analyzes them using several patented and proprietary processes and returns a resolution in an average of just 300 milliseconds.
Does Kount protect all my channels?
Kount is effective in multiple channels, including POS, ecommerce, mobile, phone order and mail order.
How does Kount handle the manual review process?
Kount is the most accurate fraud detection system on the market today; the platform has the ability to reduce manual reviews to an absolute minimum, and in some cases eliminate the need for manual review altogether. When a manual review is necessary, it is handled quickly and efficiently, providing review agents all the information they need on a single screen. Additional reporting features allow you to review agents’ work and show the overall efficiency of the system.