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Stop Application, Payment and Claims Fraud with Kount

Insurance Fraud Detection Solution

Fraud isn’t new to the insurance industry. However, as more and more people choose to compare and purchase online, fraudsters have more opportunities to steal from insurance companies. Fraudulent applications, payments and claims cost insurance providers millions every year, so how can Kount help? Kount dramatically reduces:

  • Application fraud
  • Claims fraud
  • Payment fraud
  • ID card scams
  • Agent fraud
  • Refund scams
  • New account creation and account takeover fraud
  • Manual reviews of applications or claims

Kount Insurance Solution Brief

Resolving fraud scams after the fact is expensive and disruptive. But now insurers can leverage simple, cost-effective tools that flag fraudulent activity in real-time...and enable you to stop fraud at the door, before it wreaks havoc with your e-commerce, underwriting and claims operations.

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Highlighted Features

Interlocking Technologies Working Together

Kount keeps fraudsters from slipping through the cracks by providing dozens of patented features and proprietary processes including:

  • Proxy Piercer®: Combats fraudsters who use proxy servers to hide their actual location.
  • Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™: Collects a comprehensive set of data that positively identifies a device in real time— whether fixed or mobile.
  • Mobile Device ID and SDK: Accept payments from mobile devices with ease and security while eliminating fraud.
  • Affiliate/Agent Monitoring: Secure transactions from your affiliate channel against fraud.
Order Linking and Dynamic Scoring

Order Linking and Dynamic Scoring™

Order Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions originating from the same fraudster or criminal network, all in real time. Wherever they try to steal around the globe, we’ll see it and keep them from penetrating your system.

Order Linking uses patented technology to show associations that are proven to be risky and fraudulent.

Real Time Analysis and Scoring

Real-Time Analysis and Scoring

Predictive Modeling reviews a set of variables that cross-reference each transaction with millions of data points from around the world. Kount’s system looks for any association with risky behavior that could result in a chargeback.

The Kount Score is a highly accurate way to quantify the risk of fraudulent activity using real-time information from billions of purchase attempts, logins and account creations. It is generated in an average of just 300 milliseconds, for every transaction. Kount allows for unlimited custom score cards so you can modify almost any element to match your organization’s risk management strategy.

Reduce Manual Reviews

Reduce Manual Reviews

The Agent Workflow Console (AWC) employs a number of tools that automate routine risk assessment tasks. These tools—such as Workflow Metrics and Review Agent Reports, helps merchants manage their risk by allocating resources more efficiently.

Merchants can also add third-party risk assessment functionalities to the AWC, such as TARGUSinfo, LexisNexis and other database and reporting agencies, enabling agents to seamlessly gather customer information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When reviewing an online application, how long does it take Kount to reach a resolution?
Kount’s average response time is just 250ms – 350ms. No waiting for the customer.
My state has Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws in place. Can Kount help me expedite legitimate payouts?
Since Kount works in real time, there is no delay when processing claims, payouts, applications, etc.
How can Kount reduce the number of fraudulent or abusive applications or quotes I process?
Kount’s linking technology can flag fraud or abuse during the application process, all in real time so there is no delay in processing.