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Let’s face it, selling $1,000 watches or $2,500 necklaces is far different from a .99¢ app downloads.

Kount’s fraud prevention platform provides maximum protection against cyber criminals looking to steal from you. Our all-in-one approach seamlessly integrates with your checkout process so customers have a friction-free experience. Kount Complete™ features include:

  • Quick response that doesn’t slow the checkout process
  • Accurate results minimizing false positives
  • AutoAgent™ feature reducing number of manual reviews
  • Easy way to identify best customers and approve them
  • Simple, one screen interface for quick and easy manual reviews

Case Studies

REEDS Jewelers

Kount helped REEDS Jewelers increase sales by 24% in just 14 months. They have experienced 80% fewer bad debt transactions, which includes chargebacks and merchandise/shipping losses. Not only did they increase sales but REEDS significantly cut down manual review orders by 85%.

J.R. Dunn Jewelers

The launch of JR Dunn’s new website in conjunction with Kount brought dramatic improvements. One of the most significant impacts has been that customer abandonment due to fraud verification delays has been reduced from 50% to 0%. Order size has doubled, too. And while Kount has helped to grow sales, fraud costs have decreased approximately $10,000 a month.

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All-in-one Solution, Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

All-in-one Solution, Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Even though Kount makes it easy to set up and use, our world-class fraud protection employs advanced and patented technology to find and stop fraudsters before they cause trouble.

Luxury brands and high-value merchants selling online must ensure their brand reputation is consistent with the customers’ in-store experience, or they risk alienating them and losing out on sales. Kount’s patented technology makes it easy to provide best-in-class protection and keep the checkout process friction free.

Interlocking Technologies Working Together

Interlocking Technologies Working Together

Using interlocking technologies, Kount keeps fraudsters from slipping through the cracks during the payment process. The Kount platform includes dozens of patented features and proprietary processes to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

  • Proxy Piercer® combats fraudsters who use proxy servers to hide their actual location.
  • Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™ collects a comprehensive set of data that positively identifies a device in real time— whether fixed or mobile.
  • Mobile Device ID and SDK make purchasing on a mobile device easy and secure while eliminating fraud.
  • AutoAgent™ feature collects data from third party resources building my customer profile while reducing the need for time consuming manual order reviews.
Order Linking

Order Linking

Luxury and high-value brands have customers all over the world. Kount’s Order Linking reveals hidden associations between multiple transactions originating from the same fraudster or group of fraudsters trying to steal from you. Wherever they reside around the globe, Kount will see the patterns and keep them from de-valuing your brand. Order Linking uses patented technology to show several types of connections that have shown to be risky and fraudulent.

Real-time Search and Business Intelligence

Real-time Search and Business Intelligence

All of these components working together collect and create a large amount of data about your customers. Kount gives you search and reporting capabilities on your Big Data. You finally have access to valuable device data, CRM data, shopping cart data, payment data, supply chain data and more, in one easy-to-use system.

With Kount’s business intelligence tools you can find the hidden relationships within your own customer base to enhance sales and marketing opportunities, increase customer satisfaction and monitor the overall health of your ecommerce system.

Frequently Asked Questions

My customers won’t stand for delays during checkout, how much time does Kount need to review my orders?
Kount reviews hundreds of variables, analyzes them and completes the process in real time, about 300 milliseconds.
I have retail stores, mail order and phone order channels as well as online and mobile, can Kount look at them all?
Kount can review transactions from any channel, using any payment type on any device to help reduce fraud and enhance sales opportunities.
I often find my items being sold on Ebay or Craigslist. How can Kount help stop that?
Kount stops fraudsters before they have a chance to steal from you. Because our technology is based on real-time analysis and layered protection, cyber criminals rarely get the chance to complete a sale and take ownership of your merchandise.
What about alternative payments?
Kount is payment type agnostic. We review any payment type you accept and use that in our real-time analytics. You can even write rules around payment types to match your specific business strategy.
We use 3D Secure and it seems to lower conversion rates, can I still use Kount?
Certainly. While we would never recommend turning 3D Secure-type protection off due to compliance and regulation restrictions in certain regions, Kount customers have seen conversion rates increase dramatically by relying less and less on 3D Secure-type tools. See Jagex case study
My best customers are worth a lot of money, how can I ensure they don’t get flagged or insulted with a delay or review?
Kount has features that allow you to create VIP lists of your best customers either on-the-fly or as a database. This way, you can rest assured that your highest value customers have a friction free customer experience. These same features allow you to create negative lists of bad customers that should be reviewed or declined automatically.