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Retailers use a complex structure of payment and operational systems to manage multiple channels such as mobile or in-store POS. This complexity is where fraudsters try to infiltrate retailer environments.Whether your customers use mobile, PC, POS, mail order, phone order or other channels, Kount can help reduce fraud and increase the number of good orders accepted.

Whether your customers use mobile, PC, POS, mail order, phone order or other channels, Kount can help reduce fraud and increase the number of good orders accepted.

  • Real-time fraud detection
  • Device attributes for fingerprinting smartphones, mobile, PCs and more
  • Reveals hidden relationships attempting to mask fraud
  • Enterprise “decision engine” to customize rules for your specific needs
  • Works across channels to detect and reduce fraud
  • Works with other systems, i.e., accounting, operations, etc.

Case Study

REEDS Jewelers

Kount helped REEDS Jewelers increase sales by 24% in just 14 months. They have experienced 80% fewer bad debt transactions, which includes chargebacks and merchandise/shipping losses. Not only did they increase sales but REEDS significantly cut down manual reviews by 85%.

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Accept More Orders with Kount

Real Time Analysis and Scoring

Real-Time Analysis and Scoring

Kount’s Predictive Modeling reviews hundreds of variables that cross-reference each transaction with millions of data points from around the world. This feature looks for any association with risky behavior that could result in a chargeback.

The Kount Score is a highly accurate way to quantify the risk of fraudulent activity using real-time information from billions of purchase attempts, logins and account creations. The Kount Score is generated in an average of just 300 milliseconds.

Kount allows for unlimited custom score cards so you can modify almost any element to match your organizations risk management strategy.

Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™ and Proxy Piercer®

Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™ and Proxy Piercer®

Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™ collects a comprehensive set of data that positively identifies a device in real time, whether fixed or mobile. Most importantly, Kount does all this without retrieving the user’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The Proxy Piercer® feature combats fraudsters who use proxy servers to hide their actual location.

The Kount platform includes other features such as: Mobile Device ID, velocity checks, affiliate monitoring and Persona™ technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. And, the AutoAgent™ feature reduces the need for time consuming manual order reviews.

Order Linking

Order Linking

Order Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions originating from the same fraudster or group of fraudsters. Wherever they try to steal around the globe, Kount sees it and keeps them from infiltrating your system. Order Linking uses patented technology to show several types of associations that are proven to be risky and fraudulent.

These technologies help dramatically reduce chargebacks and refund rates. They also help foil known fraud rings that target websites with repeat attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kount system work in a multi-channel environment?
Kount gathers hundreds of pieces of data from almost any channel and reviews those data elements in an analytics engine to reveal fraudulent associations. Using technologies like behavioral modeling, link analysis, velocity checks, and artificial intelligence, Kount can determine good transactions from bad transactions. When multiple channels are run through the Kount platform, these negative associations are found and identified before fraudsters can move from one channel to the next in an attempt to avoid detection.
What types of information does Kount review to determine good vs. bad transactions?
Depending on the channel from which the transaction originates, Kount can look at a few dozen to a few hundred data points. Information such as payment type, email, shopping cart information, time, location, device attributes, IP address, etc. are all attributes that are examined by the Kount Complete platform analytics and rules engine. Kount also allows for “User Defined Fields” when there are additional or custom data elements to be reviewed and assessed during the process.
Our payment processor offers fraud protection, why do I need Kount?
Many payment service providers offer some level of fraud protection. Merchants should review the protection available to determine if it meets their needs and matches their strategy for risk management. Often, these fraud tools fall short of the needs in today’s environment. Kount does one thing and one thing only, fraud mitigation. We make sure you have the maximum protection, the latest technology, and a support team backing you up, without disrupting the sales process.