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Don’t Take Chances With Fraud

Online Gambling Fraud Detection Solution

Online gamblers are always looking to score big. So are fraudsters. With Kount you can keep the game safe and fair for your customers. Protect your player’s deposits, money transfers and make sure when you payout, it’s going to the right person. Kount services international gamers from 180 countries by featuring:

  • No wait to approve good players with a 300 millisecond average response time
  • Ability for players to use any payment type you accept
  • Velocity, IP proxy, active/passive device ID, and customizable rules
  • Advanced mobile fraud detection
  • Real-time monitoring of transactions to detect organized fraud

Highlighted Features

Interlocking Technologies Working Together

Interlocking Technologies Working Together

Kount keeps fraudsters from slipping through the cracks by providing dozens of patented features and proprietary processes including:

  • Proxy Piercer®: Combats fraudsters who use proxy servers to hide their actual location.
  • Multi-Layer Device Fingerprinting™: Collects a comprehensive set of data that positively identifies a device in real time — whether fixed or mobile.
  • Mobile Device ID and SDK: Access payments from mobile devices with ease and security while eliminating fraud.
  • Affiliate/Agent Monitoring: Secure transactions from your affiliate channel against fraud.
Transaction Linking

Transaction Linking

Fraudsters often try several ways to break into a network. Transaction Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions, or players originating from the same group of fraudsters. Wherever they try to steal around the globe, we’ll see it and keep them from penetrating your system. Transaction Linking uses patented technology to show several types of associations that are proven to be risky and fraudulent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kount tell me where my players are located?
Yes. Kount has patented Proxy Piercer™ to make sure that you see the actual location of the player.
How can Kount help me verify the player is not a fraudster?
Kount’s award-winning platform includes features such as: active and passive device identification(including mobile device ID), velocity checks, IP geo-location, proxy detection and Persona™ linking technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. All these features keep you and your players safe from credit card fraud, transfer and deposit fraud, account takeover, collusion and other forms of cheating.
Can Kount help me identify “cheaters” on my site?
Yes. Kount’s linking technology can find hidden associations that are not generally apparent. These associations link fraudsters and other bad actors so you can keep them out of the game.