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Payment Gateway Fraud Detection: Solution for Payment Processors

Merchants are looking for more from their payment processor or gateway than simply…payment processing. And, payment processors and gateways are looking to add value for their merchant customers. The Kount Central fraud prevention platform provides the perfect solution for payment processors and their merchants.

Kount Central helps payment processors offer valuable fraud mitigation services to their entire merchant customer base... without those customers having to undertake the hassle of a new IT integration. One integration. Multiple merchants can access. Three levels of protection.

With Kount Central, processors and gateways can:

  • Offer world-class fraud prevention services to all or part of their merchant customer base
  • Protect their merchants from fraud and manage their own risk
  • Provide merchants a no-hassle integration in just minutes
  • Enjoy real-time underwriting
  • Access a one-time integration at the processor with unlimited merchants gaining access
Kount Central Data Sheet

Three Levels of Protection to Suit Your Needs

Kount Central Enterprise

After a simple, one-time integration, processors can offer all their largest and best customers Kount Complete™, an enterprise-level, award-winning fraud prevention platform. Since the integration is done at the processor, merchants of any size can be up and running in minutes, not weeks or months. With no IT project hassle.

Kount Central Fraud Manager

What about those small and medium merchants that still want to monitor and manage their fraud and risk? Kount Central Fraud Manager gives them what they need in an easy-to-use dashboard, providing nearly 40 options for setting fraud and risk thresholds. All delivered with your branded UI, which creates an additional revenue stream opportunity.

Kount Central Portfolio

A processor’s risk is a culmination of all the transactions their merchants accept. Get better insight into what’s happening with your merchants’ transactions in a central screen with Kount Central Portfolio. Review and monitor every transaction that you process to see where your risk is and manage your merchants accordingly. Kount Central Portfolio also provides deep insight into your underwriting process helping you avoid risk before it becomes a problem.

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