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Telco Fraud Detection Solution

Fraud in the Telco industry results in billions of lost revenue and untold disruptions to legitimate customers.

Today’s fraudsters are faster, more sophisticated and better networked than ever before. Without a real-time, complete, end-to-end view of what’s happening in your network, stopping fraud losses while preserving a good customer experience is nearly impossible.

Kount offers Telco merchants unique features that make it easy to accept more customers, control fraud losses and maintain a friction free checkout experience.

  • Real-time review of applications, purchases and payments
  • SDK for mobile application development
  • Cross-border and international reviews from more than 180 countries
  • Real-time monitoring of transactions to detect organized fraud

Case Study

Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Provider Disconnects Fraud

Fraud rings were targeting one of the largest providers of pre-paid mobile phones and wireless services. Due to the high number of fraudulent transactions for phones, pre-paid minutes, service contracts, etc., the company landed on the Visa Excessive Chargeback Program, costing them hundreds of thousands in fines and fees. Within 30 days of deploying the Kount Complete solution, they had slashed fraud by 95% and reduced manual reviews by 85% and exited the Excessive Chargeback program.

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Hang up on Fraud, Ring up New Sales

Real Time Analysis and Scoring

Real-Time Analysis and Scoring

Customers expect to make purchases, pay bills, and use calling and gift cards easily from their smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Kount Score is a highly accurate way to quantify the risk of fraudulent activity using real-time information from billions of purchase attempts, logins and account creations. The Kount Risk Inquiry System generates the Kount Score pulling from hundreds of data points in an average of just 300 milliseconds, for every transaction.

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Keep fraudsters off your network and reduce losses and disruptions. Kount uses multiple proprietary and patented technologies to stop fraud before it affects your bottom line and your customers’ experience.

The Kount award-winning platform includes features such as: active and passive device identification (including mobile device ID), velocity checks, IP geo-location, proxy detection and Persona™ linking technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. And, the AutoAgent™ feature eliminates the need for time consuming manual order reviews.

Reduce Manual Reviews

Reduce Manual Reviews

The Agent Workflow Console (AWC) employs a number of tools that automate routine risk assessment tasks. These tools—such as Workflow Metrics and Review Agent Reports, help merchants manage their risk by allocating resources more efficiently.

Merchants can also access third-party risk assessment functionalities such as TARGUS info, LexisNexis and other database and reporting agencies, through the Agent Workflow Console, enabling agents to seamlessly gather customer information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fraud can Kount help detect?
Kount is effective at recognizing and stopping fraud in payments, new applications, account takeover attempts, downloads, affiliate networks and many other areas that are often susceptible to fraud losses.
What about the systems I use now, does Kount work with them?
Kount is designed to work with your current systems and payment providers. Kount can even take in additional information provided by carriers for use in rules creation that provides even more granular filtering of transactions, if needed.
How fast does Kount work? I cannot slow down my checkout and approval process.
Kount reviews hundreds of data elements, analyzes them using several patented and proprietary processes and returns a resolution in an average of just 300 milliseconds.
Does Kount protect all my channels?
Yes. Kount is effective in multiple channels including ecommerce, mobile, phone order and mail order.
How does Kount handle the manual review process?
Since Kount is the most accurate fraud detection system on the market today, the platform has the ability to reduce manual reviews to an absolute minimum, in some cases eliminating the need for manual reviews altogether. When a manual review is necessary, it is handled efficiently, providing review agents all the information they need on a single screen for quick resolution of transactions. The management console also has detailed reporting capabilities to show how well the system is being used