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Don’t Get Taken For a Ride with Fraud

Travel Industry Fraud Detection Solution

Stopping fraud in the travel industry is becoming more and more difficult. M-commerce has added to the complexity. Customers require quick responses and travel merchants want to maintain the customers expectations of immediate approvals. Kount’s leading technology can give you the edge and reduce your losses due to fraud.

Kount has been helping online travel companies Boost Sales and Beat Fraud™ for years with features such as:

  • Time, date, location status
  • Any payment type reviewed
  • 300 millisecond response time
  • Mobile device detection & mobile SDK for custom development
  • Reduced manual review of orders

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Webjet sales take off with Kount

Webjet Case Study

Webjet sales take off with Kount

Accept More Orders with Kount

Real Time Analysis and Scoring

Real-Time Analysis and Scoring

Customers don’t want to wait for approvals. Many 3rd party fraud systems and in-house systems simply don’t work optimally in today’s “instant demand” environment.

The Kount Score is a highly accurate way to quantify the risk of fraudulent activity using real-time information from billions of purchase attempts, logins and account creations. The Kount Risk Inquiry System generates the Kount Score by pulling from hundreds of data points in an average of just 300 milliseconds, for every transaction.

Cut Manual Reviews in Half

Cut Manual Reviews in Half

When manual review is necessary, Kount makes it easy with a set of features that automate many of the tasks required to validate transactions.

Features like “auto-decision” help risk assessment agents more quickly determine whether an order is valid, or if a manual review is necessary.

Merchants can also access third-party risk assessment functionalities such as TARGUS info, LexisNexis and other database and reporting agencies, through the Agent Workflow Console, enabling agents to seamlessly gather customer information.

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Multiple Interlocking Technologies

Fraudsters are smart, sophisticated and determined to steal from you. That’s why the Kount platform uses dozens of techniques and patented technologies to stop fraud before losses occur.

The Kount award-winning platform includes features such as: active and passive device identification (including mobile device ID), velocity checks, IP geo-location, proxy detection and Persona™ linking technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. And, the AutoAgent™ feature eliminates the need for time consuming manual order reviews.

Order Linking and Dynamic Scoring™

Order Linking and Dynamic Scoring™

Order Linking reveals hidden connections between multiple transactions originating from the same fraudster or criminal network in real time. Kount uses patented technology to show associations that are proven to be risky and fraudulent.

Dynamic Scoring™ is a feature that monitors a transaction for signs of fraudulent activity even after a transaction has been approved. This “post-authorization” process has proven highly successful at associating subsequent suspicious activity to previous purchases. The merchant can evaluate the order and decline to ship—avoiding the loss of the goods and a chargeback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use manual Review for our orders, why use Kount?
While manual review can be an important part of fraud prevention, it also is costly and time consuming. Kount provides technologies that reduce the need to manually review orders. Many Kount customers report a reduction of reviewed orders in excess of 60%. And, the time it takes to conduct reviews is significantly less, up to 90% less, when reviews are necessary.
I need to know when, where, etc., on a transaction so I can determine if the order is within guidelines for travel events, what info does Kount provide?
The Kount platform looks at hundreds of data elements to determine if each transaction is valid. This includes technologies like device ID, velocity checks, IP proxy, geolocation and time/date stamps. Using Kount’s rules engine can help establish guides for order acceptance based on your parameters of each event or ticket sold.
We use a 3D Secure type process (Verified by Visa®, MasterCard® SecureCode™, etc.), isn’t that enough to reduce my fraud?
3D Secure-type products can help reduce fraud, but they often cause a reduction in conversion rates at checkout. Requiring the customer to go through additional steps during the checkout process results in lower conversions and reduced revenues. Kount works in the background so customers don’t need to fill out additional forms or remember passwords to complete their purchase. Several Kount customers have mentioned that they have reduced the need or eliminated their 3D Secure option altogether since implementing Kount. (See the Jagex Case Study)
Our customers have begun moving to the mobile channel very rapidly, does Kount offer mobile fraud reduction?
Kount has several ways to protect your mobile transactions. Kount determines whether or not the transaction is originating from a mobile device, provides detailed information about that device such as active and passive device ID, location, etc., and reviews the transaction in the same manner as any other transaction with the additional benefit of creating specific rules for mobile devices that match your business strategy. If you are developing your own app, Kount also offers a Mobile Software Developers Kit (SDK) for ease of adding fraud protection.