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Instructions: Drag the sliders to the desired amount or enter an exact number in the boxes on the right, then scroll to the bottom and click “Calculate”. If you are not sure what some of these numbers are for your company, you can leave them set at the default value which are industry standard numbers. It is our promise that this information will be kept proprietary and will not be publicly shared.

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Your Results Are In!
Your Results Are In!

Your detailed, 5-page fraud report has been emailed directly to your inbox. Now you can print, save, and share the report with your team to unleash your exceptional intellectual ability and discuss strategies for boosting sales and beating fraud. We hope you find valuable insights and leverage a conversation with a fraud expert to further your knowledge about Kount. Here are a few preliminary results to show just how much Kount’s best-in-class fraud prevention makes growing sales and fighting fraud easy, while reducing the expense of fraud mitigation.

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*Results are estimates only based on the information your company provides and represent a combination of potential increased profits, fraud reduction, and fraud mitigation savings. This example is informational only, and Kount does not guarantee the accuracy of these results or any level of savings for your company. Your company’s actual level of savings will depend on a number of factors, including how your company manages its risk tolerance.
Boost Sales, Beat Fraud

Kount is the most advanced fraud detection and prevention solution available today for online merchants, including mobile wallets, apps, and other forms of card-not-present transactions. Watch the video below to learn how Kount’s decisioning engine analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time providing the most accurate fraud prediction available.



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