CardNotPresent: Beating Fraudsters at Their Own Game


Antifraud technology provider Kount is putting consumers into the shoes of fraudsters with a new game that aims to teach them about the pervasive nature of fraud and how fraudsters think. Fraud Tycoon, available as an app for mobile devices, seeks to educate consumers by exposing them to the tricks and techniques fraudsters use every day.

“Don't be mistaken—this isn't a 'how-to guide' for would-be fraudsters, but a wakeup call for retailers and consumers alike,” said Don Bush, vice president of marketing at Kount. “Large criminal organizations are constantly looking for weaknesses in your payment systems. By putting users into the mindsets of these criminals, Fraud Tycoon provides a unique opportunity to create awareness of fraud through game-based storytelling. Our goal is to educate people about the evolving nature of fraud and what we battle every day to keep businesses and customers safe.”

Kount developed the game in partnership with game-based storytelling company Pony Wolf. It is available at iTunes, Google Play or

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