Kount Fully Integrates Ethoca Alerts into Fraud Prevention Solution


Antifraud technology providers Kount and Ethoca today unveiled an extension of a partnership that began more than a year ago. The companies announced at the CNP Expo in Orlando, Fla. that Ethoca Alerts is now a fully integrated component of the Kount Complete fraud prevention solution. Boise, Idaho-based Kount provides a solution for e- and m-commerce merchants that fights fraud using a combination of technologies including, device fingerprinting, IP proxy detection, geolocation and custom scoring. Ethoca leverages information from its network of card issuers to provider merchants an early warning when their cardholders confirm fraud, enabling them to resolve disputes before they turn into chargebacks weeks later.

"It makes perfect sense to work with Ethoca," said Rich Stuppy, COO at Kount. "Ethoca Alerts is giving Kount's merchants more confidence and more protection, not just against confirmed fraud but against the effects of chargeback processing costs and recovering fraud losses. We have been working closely with Ethoca over the last year and we are pleased to take our relationship to the logical next step and fully integrate Ethoca into the Kount platform."