Ecommerce Bytes: Mozu Announces Multiple Integrations with Industry-Leading Partners


Mozu, the latest enterprise commerce platform to hit the market, today announced the availability of three new integrations with top-tier partners, including Bazaarvoice, Bronto and Kount. These integrations enable Mozu clients to seamlessly utilize fraud detection tools, manage email campaigns and leverage consumer generated content to increase sales and create operational efficiencies.

“These partnerships are a testament to the rapid approach that Mozu is taking into the enterprise commerce market,” said Clay Olivier, CEO. “We’re excited by the opportunities presented to Mozu and our partners as these integrations are increasingly adopted, and look forward to building more partnerships with a growing list of industry elites.”

Mozu’s integration with Bronto provides an automated process for email campaign management to increase brand awareness, grow sales and gain customer loyalty. More specifically, the integration provides complete campaign management, automated campaign creation tied to marketing discounts, and synchronized contact information and opt-in preferences across Mozu and Bronto.

The Bazaarvoice and Mozu integration allows users to seamlessly bring ratings and reviews, questions and answers, and ROI analytics directly to their Mozu storefront. Mozu clients can easily display ratings and reviews anywhere on their site, automatically post interaction emails to collect customer feedback, and even access reference data to show the value of Bazaarvoice Conversations.

Mozu now also seamlessly integrates with Kount to provide an automated process for detecting fraudulent orders, which helps clients improve the profitability of their bottom line. This tool enables robust data analysis using order and customer data, offers a highly predictive fraud score based on that data, and provides a suggested action to deal with an order, such as reject or accept.

“Consumer reviews create an enhanced online customer experience that helps drive sales, so it’s important that ecommerce platforms make it simple to implement reviews platforms within the shopping environment.,” said Jordan Yeats, Director of Business & Corporate Development at Bazaarvoice. “Mozu’s API makes it nearly effortless to connect Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews to a client’s Mozu store. Unlike most plug-in solutions that often require additional development work, the Mozu API makes it easy for ecommerce managers to input a few configuration settings, drag and drop the display, and go live with a fully functioning solution.”

These partnerships, in addition to a recent integration with Avalara, further demonstrate the scalability and flexibility of Mozu’s best-in-class API, which allows for limitless extensibility for clients and developers. This API will serve as the key driver for a wide range of future integrations, many of which are already under development.

About Mozu

Mozu is the commerce platform for today’s omni-channel marketplace. With Mozu, retailers can manage their commerce, content and customer experience across every channel, on any platform, around the world. Designed with an API-first architecture and built to meet the demands of the modern consumer, Mozu provides truly limitless commerce to an ever-changing business landscape. To learn more, visit and @MozuCommerce.

Source: eCommerce Bytes.