Go-Mash Mobile: Kount Uses Gamification to Educate on Risk of Fraud


A new mobile game by fraud and risk management tech leader Kount is using gamification to highlight the risk of fraud, by putting potential victims into the shoes of global fraud networks in its new mobile game.

Using mobile as a platform to educate, Kount is teaming up with game-based storytelling company PonyWolf to release Fraud Tycoon, which uses puzzles to take users behind the scenes of criminal organisations.

“Don’t be mistaken – this isn’t a ‘how-to guide’ for would-be fraudsters, but a wake up call for retailers and consumers alike,” said Don Bush, VP of Marketing at Kount. “Large criminal organizations are constantly looking for weaknesses in your payment systems. By putting users into the mind-sets of these criminals, Fraud Tycoon provides a unique opportunity to create awareness of fraud through game-based storytelling. Our goal is to educate people about the evolving nature of fraud and what we battle every day to keep businesses and customers safe.”

The game, which is free to play and includes no in-app purchases or apps is available on iTunes, Google Play on at the Fraud Tycoon website.

Source: Go-MashMobile.com.