GoECart Kounts on Security


GoECart is putting an emphasis on security before the holiday season begins, as the e-commerce solution provider has announced a new partnership with Kount, a supplier of fraud protection and sales-boosting technology.

Through the partnership, GoECart merchants will be able to leverage Kount’s fraud protection services at a discount and without integration barriers. Although GoECart already offers secure, pci compliant and scalable solutions for B2C and B2B merchants, this new partnership enables merchants to implement another layer of protection.

“GoECart is proud to announce our new partnership with Kount, the emerging industry leader in fraud protection,” said Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart. “This is a win-win for any merchant concerned about the alarming increase in online fraud due in part to the trend toward EMV (chip-and-pin) technology in the physical world. Now online shoppers checking out of a Kount-enabled GoECart checkout will benefit from an advanced decision engine that checks an online shopper’s data against multiple variables to ensure that customers are who they say they are. Kount technology embedded into GoECart’s award-winning single page checkout will keep both customers and merchants happy. GoECart existing and future clients who leverage Kount will not just be able to prevent fraud but they will also enjoy a seamless and rapid onboarding process as well as great pricing for the solution.”

Kount analyzes hundreds of relevant variables associated with online payment activities in real time across the globe. Then Kount uses this information to flag an order when components of the transaction appear suspicious. In doing so, Kount minimizes the amount of time and number of transactions merchants must manually review due to suspected fraud.

“Public concern over fraud, data breaches and other cyber criminal activities continues to rise as millions of consumers have been exposed to identity theft, spurring online merchants to provide the best protection for themselves and the customers they serve.” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO Kount. “Our partnership with GoECart extends the reach of our industry-leading technology to thousands of merchants through their fully-integrated solutions. Together we share a common goal, to help online merchants succeed by boosting sales and reducing costs and losses, especially those caused by fraud.”

Source: websitemagazine.com.