Idaho Statesman: Kount and Midigator Partners


Kount, a Boise fraud- and risk-prevention company, announced a partnership with Midigator LLC to expand chargeback and fraud-management solutions for online retailers, who make sales without seeing a customer’s payment card.

“This development is great news for eCommerce merchants as they now have a single solution for addressing both friendly fraud and true fraud,” said Mark Standfield, president of Midigator. “With friendly fraud responsible for up to 70 percent of all chargebacks filed, this combined effort confronts these issues head on, which will have a tremendous impact on businesses.”

Investopedia defines a chargeback as “the charge a credit card merchant pays to a customer after the customer successfully disputes an item on his or her credit card statement.”

So-called friendly fraud is a form of online shoplifting. As explained by Investopedia, a criminal buys online or by phone, receives the merchandise, and files a dispute with the credit-card issuer saying the merchandise never arrived or is flawed. That prompts the card issuer to make a chargeback, which the retailer must pay for.

“Card-not-present” retailers are becoming top targets for fraudsters, Kount and Midigator said.

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