iNTERGAME: Kount and PonyWolf tell fraud story


Fraud and risk management company Kount is putting potential victims into the shoes of global fraud networks to encourage awareness, through its new mobile game Fraud Tycoon.

Developed through a partnership between Kount and game-based storytelling company PonyWolf, it is designed to educate players about the tools and techniques used by fraudsters to commit crimes.

Don Bush, vice president of marketing at Kount, said: “Large criminal organisations are constantly looking for weaknesses in your payment systems.

“By putting users into the mindsets of these criminals, Fraud Tycoon provides a unique opportunity to create awareness of fraud through game-based storytelling. Our goal is to educate people about the evolving nature of fraud and what we battle every day to keep businesses and customers safe.”

Fraud Tycoon uses puzzle-based gameplay to take users behind the scenes of criminal organisations that prey on online companies with vulnerable security.

It asks players to step into the world of a criminal and compete for the fake “Bytecash” currency to purchase stolen credit cards and actual fraud-enabling tools to build their criminal enterprise.

Michael Wilson, PonyWolf president, added: “Delving into the world of online fraud was an eye-opening experience. Fraudsters experience many of the same emotional states as gamers by accumulating risk while looking for reward.

“The collection of tools, personal and financial information has a strong correlation to game mechanics found in popular mobile games. We wanted to show the hidden story of how a security breach is monetised without making it a training tool – and part of that is highlighting the addictive nature of risk and reward."

 Original source: iNTERGAME.