Keynetics Co-Founder To Be Inducted Into Idaho Technology Council Hall of Fame


Boise, IdahoSeptember 17, 2013 – Recognized for his global impact and broad influence in several technology fields that shape Internet commerce,Keynetics Co-Founder and current Chief Scientist Dr. Tim Barber will be inducted into the Idaho Technology Council’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Barber has played a primary role in growing Keynetics to the largest privately held technology company in Idaho, which includes subsidiaries ClickBank and Kount.

Dr. Barber holds several patents responsible for many of the technologies that provide stability and security for e-commerce transactions today, including device fingerprinting and proxy piercing. He is also Director of Machine Cognition at 2AI Labs, where he researches on artificial intelligence, specifically the algorithms that underlie the human capacity for abstract reasoning. He is also a director of 02Amp, which provides advanced medical optics for the home and hospital.

Previously, Dr. Barber was a Scientist for the National Security Agency and the Institute for Defense Analyses. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Physics from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton University.

“On behalf of Keynetics, Clickbank and Kount, we are excited to see Dr. Barber’s widespread contributions recognized by his induction to the ITC Hall of Fame,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO of Kount and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Clickbank. “Tim not only founded our companies, but continues to ensure they thrive and push the boundaries of technology, enabling our Idaho businesses to have a global influence for years to come.”

Dr. Barber will be inducted to the Hall of Fame at the Idaho Innovation Awards on October 23rd at The Boise Centre on the Grove.