Kount Becomes Signature Member of Merchant Risk Council


Sister company ClickBank also joins prestigious retail industry trade association

BOISE, Idaho - In a continuing effort to ratchet up efforts to battle online fraud, Boise-based Kount Inc. has accepted an invitation to join the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) as a Signature Member. The MRC is the retail industry's leading trade association for supporting merchants in preventing online fraud and promoting secure ecommerce in global online payments.

The Signature membership will provide numerous opportunities for Kount to educate merchants on ways to lessen their exposure to fraud. As a Signature member, Kount will be involved in setting the agenda for the MRC through its work on various committees, and sharing new technologies and best practices with merchants through speaking engagements. Kount was an exhibitor at the recent MRC 2008 annual conference in Las Vegas, where it shared information about its new technology that addresses the latest threats against online merchants, including criminal networks or "botnets."

Kount's sister company, ClickBank, one of the largest Internet retailers on the web, also joined MRC as a Platinum Merchant Member.

For ClickBank, the Platinum membership will provide key benefits including access to MRC web site tools, research, intellectual property and real-time fraud data sharing. Platinum members may serve on the MRC board of directors, and get access to the MRC Global Council, a new think tank addressing business, regulatory and security issues. To be eligible for a Platinum membership, a company must have at least $75 million in revenues and must be approved by the MRC board.

The MRC board is populated by a who's who of big-time ecommerce players like Expedia, high-tech giants Microsoft and Apple, and credit card companies such as Visa and Discover.

"Kount is pleased to become more closely affiliated with the MRC, said Kount Chief Operating Officer Steve Rouse. "The MRC's work in bringing together top industry players to work together against the insidious and persistent problem of online crime is critical to ensuring the growth of ecommerce. We are pleased to be a part of this effort."

About Kount

Both Kount and ClickBank are subsidiaries of Boise, Idaho-based Keynetics Inc. Kount guards against organized crime directed at retail sites. It also pierces proxies through advanced geolocation technology and reports changes in risk via dynamic scoring. Kount is a hosted application that works with any payment platform. Other features designed specifically for top Internet retailers include customizable business rules for optimized performance and manual review automation tools. For more information about Kount, please visit www.kount.com.