Kount Delivers “Game-Changing” Fraud Guarantee at 2011 Merchant Risk Conference


Kount, a leading operational provider of fraud prevention technology, today announced its sponsorship and participation at this year’s annual Merchant Risk Council (MRC) “eCommerce Payments & Risk Conference” in Las Vegas, March 22-24.  At the event, Kount will be showcasing its industry-leading platform, highlighting the industry’s only money back guarantee for those merchants in the excessive chargeback program, as well as participating with its partners LexisNexis in a joint presentation and with Chase Paymentech to host this year’s closing ceremonies.

The adoption of advanced analytics to combat fraud is at a zenith.  Merchants, regardless of their market, are vulnerable to attacks from fraud and are often the biggest victims.  Advanced fraud methods are becoming global and increasing in size, sophistication and speed.  Fortune 500 companies, online-ecommerce providers, as well as non-profits have turned to Kount to eliminate fraud before it impacts their business and jeopardizes valuable relationships with their customers.

"Kount is proud to take a leadership role in this year's MRC conference.  We're looking forward to demonstrating how merchants can leverage risk and fraud solutions to positively impact bottom line results by implementing our robust technology with holistic risk management strategies,” said Steve Rouse, chief operating officer at Kount.  “As merchants look to consolidate their fraud solutions and become proactive in understanding how and where fraud occurs, the delivery of an integrated system becomes more and more important. Adding a couple of tools is no longer sufficient to combat today’s fraudsters.  Kount’s comprehensive platform consolidates risk and fraud processes to a single platform that allows the merchant to stop fraud before it occurs."

In the past 15 months, Kount has emerged as the de facto standard in the fraud market.  With key strategic partnerships in place, Kount is being leveraged across the board to manage transaction risk, regardless of whether the transaction takes place via traditional or non-traditional CNP, including mobile and alternate payment transactions.

Among the highlights at this year’s MRC conference will be the joint presentation between James Rice of LexisNexis and Kount’s James Gasaway on “Driving Operational Efficiencies in the Manual Review Process.” At Kount’s booth, merchants can receive a live demo of the Kount platform and learn about the industry’s first Eliminate Campaign, which provides a money-back guarantee if Kount is unable to decrease a merchant’s fraud and excessive chargebacks to under 1% in under 60 days.

To learn more about Kount and its unique solutions, partners and campaigns stop by Kount’s booth at this year’s conference (booth #204) or visit Kount at www.kount.com

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About Kount

Kount provides the most advanced fraud fighting technology available today. Developed by Keynetics, Inc. with online and catalog merchant needs in mind, Kount defends against both traditional and emerging card-not-present fraud threats. The technology uses a formidable array of tools including two patented technologies - device fingerprinting, and proxy piercer™, geolocation techniques - along with Kount Dynamic Scoring™, risk evaluation, and real-time data streams from websites across the globe. For more information about Kount, please visit www.kount.com.