Kount Demonstration at 6th Annual Merchant Risk Council Conference


Kount Demonstrates Ability to Stop Online Organized Crime at 6th Annual Merchant Risk Council Conference

BOISE, Idaho - Boise, Idaho-based Kount Inc. will be demonstrating a new online fraud control technology at the Merchant Risk Council 2008 Annual Conference, Mar. 4-6, at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Kount's new technology addresses the latest threats against online merchants, including online criminal networks or "botnets."   The FBI recently cited the level of danger posed by botnets as high, declaring them a threat to commerce and national security.  The FBI's national initiative, Operation Bot Roast, has identified more than one million compromised computers.  Kount helps to identify those computers and any to which they are linked.

According to Steve Rouse, Chief Operating Officer, "Older technologies such as neural networks and machine fingerprinting/device recognition and are largely ineffective against these new threats from organized criminal networks. Kount can detect orders originating from computers that have been hacked," he continued, "and can pierce through proxies that crooks use to hide their true locations."

Kount complements its powerful real-time fraud detection with Dynamic Scoring™ technology. Through continuous monitoring across multiple merchants, Kount can detect changes in order risk right up until shipping time.  Kount also offers workflow management tools to help merchants automate labor-intensive manual review processes.

Kount is expected to draw quite a bit of attention at the Merchant Risk Council, as it is the first technology to address online criminal networks.  Rouse says it goes four or five steps beyond existing technologies to help merchants defend against losses.  "The MRC's work in bringing together top industry players to work together against the insidious and persistent problem of online crime is critical to ensuring the growth of ecommerce," said Rouse. "We are pleased to be a part of this effort."

Kount will be demonstrated in Booth #6 at the Merchant Risk Council.  For more information, contact Dave Walker at daw@keynetics.com or go to www.kount.com.