Kount Takes Aim at Europe


Boise, Idaho-based antifraud technology provider Kount is taking its platform abroad, expanding into Europe, where e-commerce fraud rates are increasing. The company, which said it doubled its customer base last year, is taking its fraud and risk-management solution to a region that saw a double-digit increase in e-commerce sales in 2012.

"Kount specializes in fraud detection and prevention for the online environment, which by its very definition is global in nature," said Don Bush, vice president of marketing for Kount. "Last year we increased our customer base by 300 percent outside the U.S. and we feel now is the time to really start talking about our products to a global audience, as there is a clear demand. This year alone we will be attending 35 trades shows globally of which 16 are staged across Europe."

Source: http://cardnotpresent.com/news/cnp-news-jan13/Kount_Takes_Aim_at_Europe_-_Jan__31,_2013/