Kount Unveils New Enhancements to Operational Platform


Kount Inc., a leading operational provider of fraud prevention technology, today announced the immediate availability of its Kount Complete Platform 4.4. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), Kount Complete provides customers and partners with enhanced features across each of its platform’s core components, including Strategy Management, Operational Management and Fraud Screening.

Kount Complete is at the forefront of the fraud industry in both innovation and adoption. Kount recently expanded its portfolio of intellectual property by adding an additional 41 claims to bolster the device fingerprinting and proxy piercing technology it patented in 2001. Kount’s platform integrates easily with an organization’s existing infrastructure to identify, track and respond to fraud within milliseconds.

Kount’s latest release addresses multiple areas that benefit its customers and partners, including support of international currency, enhancements to its robust rules engine, and extended capabilities for key partners.

  • International Currency: Kount’s support of multiple international currencies and improved processing capabilities (specifically within China) allows Kount’s solution to be ideal for companies looking to either expand or introduce fraud solutions without having to worry about its currency interoperability.
  • Dynamic Rules: Kount Complete expands its rules engine to empower customers to better manage their fraud solutions intelligently. Unique to the fraud industry, Kount Complete provides intelligent rules that identify and act upon sophisticated correlations between defined parameters.
  • Extended Partner Capabilities: Kount now provides interfaces for partners to integrate with core systems. Specific interfaces include automated merchant boarding, partner billing enhancements, as well as streamlined certification and test capabilities. These capabilities allow Kount to rapidly integrate with third party platforms such as payment gateways, processors and Internet payment service providers.

“Organizations need a comprehensive fraud solution that accounts for all aspects of a transaction and is linked to operational decisions to manage actions more efficiently once fraud has been detected.” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO of Kount. “The core technologies that make up Kount’s new features are changing the market, how companies address fraud, and the impact fraud is having on the bottom line revenue of our ecommerce customers.”

About Kount

Kount delivers an all-in-one fraud and risk management solution for companies working in card-not-present environments looking to simplify their fraud/risk operations while dramatically improving bottom line results. Kount provides a single, turnkey fraud solution that is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use. Kount’s proprietary technology has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and provides maximum protection for some of the world’s best-known brands. Kount’s solution is feature rich and technology proven. Regardless of the industry, Kount responds with accurate information in milliseconds, thereby enhancing the overall consumer experience. For more information about Kount, please visit www.kount.com.

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