Learning to fight fraud through… gaming?


Every day at Kount we create complex, innovative and highly-technical software. Our releases often include terms like artificial intelligence, proxy piercing, dynamic scoring, and multi-layer device fingerprinting. Well, our latest release is something you may not expect from Kount – a mobile game.

That’s right, we’ve taken a fresh approach to creating additional awareness about fraud by creating our own mobile game called Fraud Tycoon. Designed to educate everyone about the tools and techniques fraudsters use to commit crimes that impact businesses, consumers and our economy, Fraud Tycoon is a fun, challenging mobile game.

Fraud Tycoon

Using puzzle-based gameplay, Fraud Tycoon takes users behind the scenes of criminal organizations that prey on online businesses that have vulnerable security. The game asks players to step into the shoes of a criminal and compete for the fake currency "Bytecash" to purchase stolen credit cards and actual fraud-enabling tools to build their criminal enterprise.

The game doesn’t give players knowledge of how to become fraudsters themselves, but it does show retailers and consumers alike how easy fraud can be … something that even our game development partners at Ponywolf were amazed by. Ponywolf President and former Independent Games Festival Finalist Michael Wilson offered his take on the process:

“Most people imagine fraud as some sort of physical theft, like taking bank statements from a trash bin. We wanted to show that all the transactional pieces of modern fraud can be executed from a computer halfway around the world. At the same time we wanted the player to spend some time in the shoes of the bad guy and see how mechanical and impersonal on-line fraud has become." 

We hope you download and enjoy Fraud Tycoon (its free, with no in-app purchases or ads, through our sponsorship) and let us know your thoughts. You can download and review the game on iTunesor Google Play and learn more at www.fraudtycoon.com. Happy gaming!