Mobile Money Revolution: Merchants on m-commerce: love the sales leads, scared of fraud


Everyone knows consumers are shopping from phones and tablets

Just last week Cap Gemini said 34 per cent of UK online sales come via the channel.

Now, Kount has revealed what’s driving this explosion – and what's holding it back.

The top reason retailers like mobile is new biz. 49 per cent said this was their number one value-add for optimising sites for mobile commerce.

But they’re worried about fraud.

Indeed, 73.5 per cent describe mobile as ‘somewhat more risky’ or ‘far more risky’ than e-commerce.

Kount asked 2,000 payments and fraud professionals their opinions for the second edition of The Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey: 2014.

And, although in 2013, nearly 40 percent of respondents believed their internal e-commerce fraud processes were enough for managing fraud risk in the mobile channel, in this year’s survey, that declined to about one quarter.

Source: Mobile Money Revolution