New features and enhanced capabilities bolster industry leading anti-fraud service.


BOISE, Idaho - Kount Inc. is getting set to release the next version of Kount Complete, a powerful fraud-fighting service crucial to the retail industry's battle against online crime, at the National Retail Federation Big Show, Jan. 11-12 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Recognized by the industry for its ability to identify, track and defeat fraudulent orders that have typically gone undetected, Kount Complete is an end-to-end SaaS solution proven to greatly reduce lost sales and costly charge-backs associated with fraud.

Key features and capabilities included in Kount Complete 4.0, available for demo in Booth #124 at the Big Show, are Dynamic Order Linking, Multi-layer Device Fingerprinting™ and a new and improved Business Rules Engine.

Dynamic Order Linking detects all orders directly and indirectly associated with fraudulent orders, across multiple merchants, around the globe. Linking occurs in real time, rather than in batch, allowing merchants to spot fraudulent order associations as a transaction is processed and detect increased risk.

Kount's latest device fingerprinting technology, Multi-layer Device Fingerprinting™, fingerprints multiple layers of devices being used to make transactions, making it possible to maintain a unique machine ID despite a user's best efforts to change identity settings. Tracking and analyzing these changes in real time provides deeper insight into the user's true intentions.

Kount 4.0's improved Business Rules Engine gives merchants greater freedom to dynamically customize their fraud prevention approach to their individual businesses.

Kount officials say these new and improved features combined with Kount's Proxy Piercer® geolocation tools, Dynamic Scoring® automatic risk updates, and predictive modeling, promise to further reduce retail fraud and protect their customers' bottom lines.

"Cyber criminals are often successful in circumventing inferior fraud detection systems," explained Steven Rouse, Chief Operating Officer at Kount. "Kount's newest features allow merchants to optimize their fraud detection routines with an almost unlimited number of custom business rules. Combined with our latest technology upgrades around device fingerprinting and real-time multi-merchant order linking, Kount 4.0 is a very effective and affordable anti-fraud solution."

About Kount

Kount® is the most advanced fraud fighting technology available today. Developed by Keynetics Inc. with online and catalog merchant needs in mind, Kount defends against both traditional and emerging fraud threats. Kount defeats sophisticated online crime, using a formidable array of tools including two patented technologies—device fingerprinting, and proxy piercing—along with Dynamic Scoring™, geolocation capabilities, and real-time data streams from websites all across the globe.

Kount provides merchants with maximum risk management control and flexibility, while automating costly manual review processes to improve the bottom line. For more information about Kount, please visit