Online Marketer Lime Light CRM Integrates Kount’s Enterprise Fraud Protection


Kount Inc., a leading provider of fraud prevention technology, today announced its enterprise fraud platform, Kount Complete®, has integrated with Lime Light CRM, the most trusted CRM provider in the online markets. The joint solution provides Lime Light CRM’s customers with greater visibility into fraudulent activities, better control of risk associated with fraud, while maximizing sales and dramatically reducing the need for costly and time-consuming manual review. 

Kount’s integration provides online campaigns that are generating a high volume of transactions, across multiple countries and currencies with a robust, scalable and supported solution. This adoption responds to Lime Light CRM customer’s need to process more orders and expand confidently into new markets without increasing the risk of lost revenue due to fraud exposure.

“Our clients are always looking to decrease fraudulent transactions which help to improve their bottom line results. I’m excited to share that Kount’s integration delivers an all-in-one fraud and risk management solution to our customers that seamlessly integrates with our Lime Light CRM Solution,” said Rick Del Rio, CEO & Founder, Lime Light CRM.

For each transaction, Kount’s “decisioning” engine goes beyond industry standard blacklists and simple fraud rules by analyzing hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time. Kount applies a multitude of proven and proprietary technologies based on the specific needs of each customer, including Multi-layered Device Fingerprinting®, Proxy Piercer ® geolocation tools, statistical scoring, rules-based fraud detection, cross-merchant linking, and Persona™ behavioral modeling. The result is a highly predictive risk assessment delivered in an average of just 350 milliseconds.

“We see Lime Light CRM as a leader in a very important segment of the market,” said Steve Rouse, COO, Kount. “Lime Light CRM developed a system with several technologies assisting online marketers as they attempt to grow their business. Kount Complete was developed to support the management of risk associated with online transactions, while at the same time empowering the user with the ability to dial up or down its level of risk based on the specific needs of the customer and their markets. The introduction of the Kount fraud platform gives Lime Light CRM marketers the opportunity to sell more products, to more people, in more places without the risk of fraud.”

About Lime Light CRM
Lime Light CRM, created out of pure necessity, was developed by marketers for marketers who needed a solution to streamline their entire campaign and order management process. The system easily allows customers to build and manage different types of campaigns generating high volume transactions across multiple countries, and accepting most major currencies; all this through the use of proven marketing strategies, the automation of daily tasks and the integration of third party providers that effectively help us to optimize our time and monetize our data. Lime Light CRM is one of the leading and most trusted CRM providers in the online market, integrated with hundreds of third party providers that add even more value to Lime Light CRM, contributing at the same time to our clients’ success. For more information on Lime Light CRM, please visit

About Kount
Kount delivers an all-in-one fraud and risk management solution for companies operating in card-not-present environments looking to simplify their fraud/risk operations and dramatically improve bottom line profitability. For each transaction, Kount’s fraud/risk assessment engine analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time, then delivers a highly predictive risk assessment in less than one second. Kount provides a single, turnkey fraud solution that is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use. Kount’s proprietary technology has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and provides maximum protection for some of the world’s best-known brands. For more information about Kount, please visit

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