PRWeb: Payverifi Announces Partnership With Kount Systems


Campbell, CA (PRWEB) July 09, 2015

On July 1, 2015, Payverifi, the payment authentication/verification company, announced its partnership with Kount Systems in order to enhance their fraud management systems.

Kount Systems is a leading innovator of fraud solutions in risk management. The company has 200 fraud check points to validate and verify additional information regarding the consumer and ensure that the transaction isn’t fraudulent.

While Payverifi’s product included a pre-existing fraud management process and a thorough authentication and verification service, the partnership will enable the payment gateway service company to enhance and ensure their customer’s security. Additionally, Kount’s included “decision platform” in their software is ideal for managing fraud in both online and telephone channels that process payments and onboard new customers.

The partnership will allow Payverifi’s pre-existing systems to dive in even deeper to each particular transaction, instantly checking hundreds of fraud check points. This lends to a more complete fraud solution for their present merchants.

For example, the new system will have the ability to check to see that a transaction isn't associated with any other email addresses, credit cards or people, and it can see if the shipping address belongs to the purchaser. It can also check IP addresses that it's sent to in order to see if it is associated with other fraud or fraud associated transactions.

The new mutual relationship allows Payverifi to offer more robust solutions to larger e-commerce clients, and enhancing their system will solidify more of their solutions on the e-commerce platform. By integrating Payverifi's quality authentication and verification tools with Kount's fraud and risk management solution system, the companies will be able to provide one of the most comprehensive and powerful fraud prevention transaction tools available.

The companies will begin integrating their systems later this month, and Kount will power Payverifi's fraud management system.

Payverifi's president, Chase Harner, feels that the partnership will empower both companies, as well as consumers. He remarks, "With the authentication and verification product that we've patented and brought to market, along with the fraud management tools that are being powered by Kount Systems, I think we will have one of the most powerful fraud management tools on the market."

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