Why you need face-to-face time over Facetime


To be successful in today’s business world, you must be smart, agile, and savvy. And advancements in communications tools and overall technology have enabled businesses to be smarter, quicker, and more successful overall.

The downside? Businesses now value technology over time. Speed over sentiment. Ease over education.

The truth is, as much as technology has made processes more efficient and faster, it’s also enabled us to be lazy with customers, partners, and prospects. As a business society, we undervalue in-person collaboration in favor of speed and ease, and are losing the human touch in the process. But it’s important we don’t lose sight of the personal connection.

Put down that FaceTime and get back to the basics — face-to-face time.

I attend a lot of events. And I host a lot of events. Kount is involved in about 100 events per year, over 25 percent of which we host ourselves on our Fraud360 World Tour, and 90 percent of which are hosted by others, either in person or online. The value of these in-person events, especially ones you host, is unparalleled. You’re getting personal time with customers, building relationships, and forging connections. Technology should never get in the way of real relationships and connections with prospects and customers.

While automation is making its away across industries, the old school way of engaging customers is not completely lost. It’s actually making a resurgence — and, when and where it’s not, it should be. And here’s why.

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