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How To Change a Fraud Prevention Rule in Minutes, Not Days

posted on: Wed Sep 03 2014

Does this sound familiar? You identify a new flavor of fraud attack and want to upgrade a rule in your fraud prevention process. You send a request to your payment provider or IT team. They submit a job ticket to the programmers and 1 to 2 weeks later, the rule goes into effect. In the meantime you continue to be exposed. And spend lots of time and money trying to plug that vulnerability with more intensive manual reviews or other workarounds. You lose revenue, merchandise and profits.

Now consider an entirely different approach.

With the Kount Complete™ solution: “Adjusting rules is incredibly easy,” says Andy Gass, Vice President of Operations, at Luggage Pros, one of the largest online specialty retailers of travel goods. “We can fine tune for our unique needs. For example, we have rules that hold certain types of weekend orders until someone can do a more thorough check on Monday. That has helped us reduce merchandise losses.”

Not only has fast, easy rules writing minimized merchandise loss for Luggage Pros, but it also contributed to a 65% reduction in their chargeback rate! If you’re frustrated by the glacial pace of revising fraud rules and want to be nimble and agile like Andy’s team, schedule a demo today to see how quickly and easily you can change a rule with Kount.