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3 Degrees of Separation. And No, Kevin Bacon Is Not a CNP Fraudster

posted on: Thu Sep 18 2014

In the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, players try to link an actor from one movie to Kevin Bacon in another movie. For example, Elvis Presley was in Change of Habit with Edward Asner and Edward Asner was in JFK with Kevin Bacon. Ta dah! Order Linking by Kount applies the same concept, but for a more serious purpose. When a credit card is presented to you in a CNP transaction, you may be able to tell if it’s fraudulent if you have previously seen it, got burned and have flagged it accordingly. But if it’s the first time you’ve seen the card, or if you’ve seen the card previously but it’s the first time that it engages in a fraudulent transaction with you specifically (e.g., it was just stolen this morning), it’s almost impossible to detect and stop fraud. Unless you have Kount Complete with Order Linking. Order Linking expands visibility far beyond your own data and into the millions of transactions that Kount examines each day—in real-time!

Let’s examine a specific transaction taking place on your website:

  1. For your transaction, Order Linking may link the device used (let’s call it “D1”) to a different transaction at a different merchant using a second credit card. 1 degree of separation.
  2. Then it links that second credit card to a transaction at a different merchant using a second device (let’s call it “D2”). 2 degrees of separation.
  3. The final jump then links that second device (“D2”) to hundreds of fraudulent transactions that just occurred—some as little as a few seconds ago. And all of those transactions involve the credit card currently being presented at your e-commerce website. 3 degrees of separation.

As a result, the Kount Score for your transaction is adjusted, alerting you to the need to take additional measures—a manual review, checking third-party sources, etc.—to protect yourself against fraud. And you’d be surprised to find out how fast this sophisticated Order Linking process requires. The average Kount transaction is resolved faster than (literally) the blink of an eye– about 300 milliseconds.

With 2.29 billion in transactions, Cyber Monday offers the opportunity for more first-time fraud than any day of the year. It also offers the richest set of data to be used by Order Linking in real-time in order to stop that first-time fraud. It’s not too late to protect your bottom line this holiday season. Attend our webinar “Fraudsters Are Ready for Cyber Monday, Are You?” and learn how you can be protected with Order Linking by Kount.

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Tech Edition