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A Breach A Day Doesn’t Keep Risk Away. But Payment Processors Do

posted on: Fri Sep 12 2014

Not all breaches are created equal, but nearly all impact online businesses. From stolen product to chargebacks, online retailers traditionally bear the most risk when it comes to fraud. But given the growing number and frequency of breaches, this responsibility is starting to spread across the payments industry, either through pending regulation and increasing oversight or by organizations stepping forward to battle the issue. Count online payments processors among those joining the fight against fraud alongside online merchants.

Whether they are considered acquirers, payment service providers, hosted pay pages or payment gateways, many are implementing or expanding the levels of fraud protection they offer their merchants. This not only bolsters the bottom line for many merchants and provides added protection throughout the payments industry from consumer to retailer to bank and all stops in between, it adds value to what they offer. While many processors are competing against interchange fees racing to the bottom, some are looking at the bigger picture.

For processors, that bigger picture also includes finding the risk within their own merchant portfolio. Imagine signing up a merchant with a legitimate business, who then creates subsidiaries you can’t see that operate in questionable segments, from knockoff prescriptions to more adult-themed business. Today a processor only sees questionable transactions, with limited details, coming through the parent company that appears to be operating lawfully.

This is where Kount Central comes in.

Kount Central is designed for the online payment processor to minimize the risk within their portfolio while amplifying the fraud protection of every merchant they serve. We also offer three different ways for processors to use and implement Kount Central depending on their business model and goals. Here is how each breaks down:

  • Kount Central Enterprise: Kount Central Enterprise protects a processor’s top merchants with direct implementation of Kount Complete, the industry-leading fraud mitigation platform. Because these merchants are already integrated with the processor, implementing Kount takes minutes versus months.
  • Kount Central Fraud Manager: Using the processor’s branded interface, Kount Central Fraud Manager offers merchants the ability to determine their own risk/fraud thresholds.
  • Kount Central Portfolio Manager: Kount Central Portfolio offers fraud security services across an entire merchant portfolio, reviewing all transactions for fraud events. Processors can view in-depth reporting on the overall risk profile of their merchants and detect areas of concern before they get out-of-hand.

If you are more visually inclined, here is how Kount Central works:

Payment Providers

As you might expect, Kount Central provides a number of benefits to online payments processors, from incremental revenue opportunities to increased differentiation in the marketplace to improved customer retention. More importantly, it enables Kount’s industry-leading fraud technology to protect processors, business and consumers at a greater level than ever before.

And with more breaches in the news than ever, everyone could use a little less risk in their lives.

Learn more about Kount Central by visiting our Kount Central site and sign up for a free demo to learn more about how our latest product can protect you and your customers.