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A Peek Into Our Secret Sauce

posted on: Tue Dec 11 2012

There aren’t many, perhaps any, fraud-fighting businesses who share deep insights into what makes their solution better. Granted, we operate in an industry where a level of secrecy is necessary. After all, Kount’s purpose is to protect the online business of our clients. But are there any others in our business that use the power of artificial intelligence to help battle the ever-evolving world of fraud?

We recently announced how we use a specialized branch of statistical learning theory, supervised machine learning, to combine historical training data with predictive functions to battle threats in real-time. Many of our competitors talk about networks or other functionality and how this processes extensive data. That’s great if the data is relevant and fresh, but last month’s data won’t tell you how the latest wave of fraud could impact your business in the next five minutes. Our artificial intelligence is designed to do just that, using the latest and most relevant data to anticipate and help you prevent the next threat looming.

Additionally, assessing more data can translate into slower processing speeds for your customers during the transaction. Kount has solved the computational complexity of processing data and assessing threats in real-time. Put into more impactful terms, our solution not only provides the most advanced technology to protect your business, it delivers a predictive fraud assessment in an average of 350 milliseconds to ensure transactions are seamless for your customers.

So is artificial intelligence a competitive advantage when it comes to battling fraud? Does it make a dramatic difference compared to other fraud-fighting solutions? Our customers certainly believe so, and we would be happy to share how Kount Complete has transformed their business with you and how it can enhance your business by beating fraud and boosting sales.

- Don