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Boost Online Gaming Sales Without Getting Slain, Slaughtered, Destroyed, or Wiped Out by CNP Fraud

posted on: Thu Aug 21 2014

Gaming is projected to grow at a brisk 7% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) clip over the next few years, with mobile gaming growing even faster: 19% CAGR...from $49.2 billion total gaming market in 2012 to $57.5 billion in 2017. But online gaming is a rich target for fraudsters. “In 2009, we were hit with a round of fraud attacks,” says Dave Parrott, Fraud Manager at Jagex, a leading UK-based online game developer with a global reputation for creating hugely popular F2P games. “Then in 2011, the Gold Farmers attacked us with everything they had.” Halfway around the world, Paymentez, the leading payments platform for digital goods in Latin America, was also getting hit by CNP fraudsters. Both companies needed better way to fight fraud, but didn’t want to kill sales. After switching to Kount, the two have come out as winners. Dave Parrot of Jagex reports: “Our conversion rate on longer-term membership subscriptions increased 3% to 4% with Kount.” In fact, Jagex increased net annual credit card income by 4%, while holding their chargeback rate to 0.2%. Patricio Walsh, Risk & Compliance Director at Paymentez reports similar victory: “The $10,000 fines from Visa and MasterCard are gone. In fact, we cut our chargeback rate 70%.” More importantly, Paymentez is now able to confidently accept in-game payments without getting killed by CNP fraud.

Can you do a better job beating fraud while boosting sales for your online gaming empire? Spend 15 minutes with us on a free fraud analysis and find out. Because CNP fraud is no game.