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Infographic: Calculating the 9 Deadly Costs of Fraud

posted on: Thu Mar 31 2016

Do you know the 9 Deadly Costs of Fraud? This infographic quantifies them, including costs that are apparent, as well as the ones that are less obvious and can escape the notice of even the most careful observers. And while some fraud costs are not as significant as others, taken together they can punch a sizable hole in your bottom line… potentially millions of dollars (!) for large eCommerce merchants.

9 Deadly Costs Fraud

Data indicates the recent holiday season will have the highest rate of fraud ever. CNP fraud is projected to increase by 80% over the next 4 years. And mobile commerce – 2X more likely to involve fraud – is growing at least 30% a year. In the face of these trends, can you afford to do nothing to upgrade your fraud prevention process? Get the facts with Kount’s eBook “Calculating the 9 Deadly Costs of Fraud.” It reveals the 9 visible and hidden fraud costs that are killing your bottom line.