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Comparing 2016 and 2017 Holidays: Trends in Naughty and Nice

posted on: Fri Dec 08 2017

Accurate, timely data is the lifeblood of successful online eCommerce. It’s also essential to winning the battle against fraudsters and criminal gangs.

That’s why Kount is sharing the latest data from a representative sample of the millions and millions of transactions processed so far this holiday season. The findings are based on the activity of Kount’s high-growth online business customer from a cross section of different market segments.

The biggest “nice” trends so far? Strong eCommerce sales gains continued in 2017, especially for mobile.

Black Friday Cyber Monday
282% increase in mobile app sales 220% increase in mobile app sales
27% increase in mobile browser sales 52% increase in mobile browser sales
Only 6% increase in desktop fraud attacks 12% increase in desktop sales

What about “naughty” trends? Fraudsters continued to escalate their fraud attacks, especially in the mobile channel.

Black Friday Cyber Monday
Desktop fraud attacks increased at a rate 2x greater than sales growth 36% increase in desktop attacks, at a rate more than 3x greater than sales growth
334% increase in mobile app fraud attacks, at a nearly 20% faster rate than sales growth 301% increase in mobile app attacks, at a rate 37% higher than sales growth
13% increase in mobile browser fraud attacks 27% increase in mobile browser fraud attacks


Green Monday. Green Monday is typically defined as second Monday of December. This year, it falls on December 11. Based on results to date and from past years, Kount anticipates these trends to continue for Green Monday 2017:


  • Increases in desktop sales and triple or double digit increases in mobile app and mobile browser sales


  • Triple and/or double digit increases in mobile app, mobile browser and desktop fraud attacks

What can online businesses do this holiday season to fight double and triple digit increases in fraud attacks while still capturing as many sales as possible—especially in the red-hot mobile channel? These 8 steps are a great start:

  1. Analyze your data to determine normal behavior.
  2. Strategize abnormal buying patterns for the holidays.
  3. Determine your KPI benchmarks.
  4. Update your fraud rules and thresholds for risky orders.
  5. Place multiple layers of technology in the way of fraudsters.
  6. Train fraud analysts on holiday trends and train on a consistent basis.
  7. Review, analyze, and update as needed.
  8. Partner with your data team and/or fraud solution provider.

We’ll have a follow-up blog post on Green Monday statistics, plus more detail on the 8 steps you can take to fight holiday fraud. Download our eBook "The Download on Mobile App Fraud" and discover ways to prepare for both the increase in sales and fraud attacks on mobile app transactions.

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