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Custom Weblinks: Copy-And-Paste Is Fast, But a Click Is Faster

posted on: Tue May 30 2017

For many online businesses, manual reviews are the largest part of their fraud prevention budget. Thus, any steps you take to make reviewers and processes more efficient can have a big impact on reducing expenses, time spent reviewing an order, and increasing profitability.

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Custom Weblinks is one of those steps. It’s a small but impactful way to boost productivity and improve results, including fewer false positives and reduced fraud rates.

Fraud Analysts will often search the web, social media sites, and other free online resources to investigate transactions and determine if:

  • Buyer is an actual person who really exists
  • Buyer is using payment accounts they’re entitled to use
  • Shipping address is a legitimate destination
  • There are reasons to approve the order
  • There are reasons to decline the order

A common process for a Fraud Analyst reviewing orders includes these steps:

  1. Identifies information in the main screen of their fraud prevention or order system to investigate
  2. Opens a web browser and types or copies-and-pastes the information into search box
  3. Reviews results and clicks (multiple) links to drill down deeper
  4. Opens new web tab(s) to search social media sites or other online resources
  5. Clicks links on social media sites or other online resources to drill down deeper

In the webinar “How to Become a Manual Review Rock Star,” Haly Harper, eCommerce Risk Manager at BodyBuilding.com and Laura McGuinn, Senior Client Success Manager at Kount, reviewed 6 of the more popular web resources that manual reviewers typically use to check information about an order:

  1. Google: This web search can quickly reveal whether the shopper actually exists, show a map or street view of shipping destination, and turn up other areas for further investigation.
  2. Facebook: Search to see if a person is legit and explain atypical behavior – if they are traveling, visiting a foreign country, on vacation, etc.
  3. LinkedIn: Reveal if buyer has a business profile, where are they located, type of business, etc.
  4. Spokeo: This database can provide name, location, social media links, etc. Additional information can be purchased on as-needed basis: employer, last 4 digits of phone, family members, marital status, estimate of net worth, a photo of house, videos and photos, online profiles, and more.
  5. Talos Intelligence: Produces known and emerging threat information for Cisco products, reports about spam and vulnerability, and can search by IP, domain or network owner to see if there’s any relevant threat data.
  6. MarkMonitor: Provides brand and domain name protection, protects against internet counterfeiting, fraud, piracy, and cybersquatting, and publishes reports of brand abuse.

Obviously, a reviewer could spend quite a bit of time typing or copying-and-pasting information into each of these resources. That’s where Custom Weblinks comes to the rescue.

Custom Weblinks automatically generates hyperlinks to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. from data fields defined in the fraud prevention console. No typed-in searches. No-copy-and-paste. A quick, one-time setup is all it takes to define which data fields will automatically generate hyperlinks. For example, Shipping Address fields can be set up so they automatically generate hyperlinks to Google Street View. The agent simply clicks the link and reviews the web results.

Custom Weblinks can also automatically generate hyperlinks to third-party, paid data services like Chargebacks911, Emailage, Ethoca, Experian, LexisNexis, TeleSign, Whitepages Pro, etc. When needed, reviewers can click these links to augment those resources.

In addition to the productivity gains, errors are reduced as keystroke mistakes, typos, and misread fields are minimized. The result is greater accuracy and reduced review agent fatigue, which adds up to fewer false positives and better fraud reduction.

Discover the best strategies to review 2x more orders and improve accuracy by as much as 75% in our eBook "7 Best Practices to Become a Manual Review Rockstar".

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