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Euro 2016 Champions: Fraudsters United?

posted on: Mon Jun 06 2016

Euro 2016 Champions: Fraudsters UnitedShow the Red Card to Ticketing Fraud

With a week to go before the premiere of Euro 2016, the stage is all set for a thrilling tournament. As Rooney, Ronaldo and Bale converge on France and their managers hurry to perfect their respective tactics and strategies, however, fans have scrambled to secure tickets in a last-ditch attempt to see their heroes do battle.

Punters at Euro 2016 may wish to forget France, Spain and (definitely) England when it comes to a winner at this year’s championships, though: Fraudsters are positioning themselves as the ultimate victors when the dust settles on the 10th July.

England’s footballers aren’t exactly known for their defensive qualities, but with a 55% rise in online ticket fraud last year, the British public may well be just as vulnerable.

What’s worse, fraudsters know it: One Liverpool fan was recently scammed out of £700 for a ticket he purchased on Instagram, whilst another Liverpool supporter transferred £200 directly into the account of a fraudster in the hope of securing England tickets.

But how are fraudsters accessing our money so easily? In truth, it’s because we’re letting them. Like a team that pushes forward for a last-minute goal and gets hurt on the counter-attack, our rush for tickets has left the door open to cybercriminals.

A host of convincing but fake websites have emerged offering tickets to key games at the tournament with over-inflated prices, whilst social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with 27% of total ticket fraud in 2015, have been urged to up their game when it comes to security procedures.

Those who do fall foul of these scams stand to lose more than just their money. Cybercriminals can access your credit card information and personal details when you engage with fraudulent sites, allowing them to take your money both then and further down the line, leaving you out of pocket and without a ticket. A 2-0 loss if ever there was one.

For ticket merchants, the loss can be just as emphatic: Fraudsters who buy tickets from you are likely to sell them on the black market, denying you a transaction to a genuine customer, as well as instigating the lengthy and costly chargeback process in order to fight back.

The best way to avoid this fraud is to only go to reputable and authorised merchants.

Reputable ticket venders will most likely have robust security protocols in place such as Kount Complete which can help them tell the difference between genuine and fraudulent transactions. They will also have secure websites meaning that payment details have about the same chance of falling into criminal hands as Joe Hart has of winning the Golden Boot.

Those are the tactics that will beat fraudsters at their own game.