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Every Vote Counts with IP Geolocation Technology

posted on: Fri May 08 2015

IP GeolocationThe 2015 UK General Election has just taken place and has seen one of the closest races in British democratic history.

One of the defining characteristics of the 2015 Election was the three main parties struggling to really differentiate themselves from each other in the eyes of the public. Moving beyond basic policy and electoral promises, the Liberal Democrat party took an innovative approach to demonstrating its understanding of voters on a local level.

The party’s website employed IP geolocation technology to tailor the party’s website content to local issues in the run up to the general election. In short, if you visited the website from Manchester the content and issues you are initially presented with will be Manchester specific and different than if you visited from London or Leicester.

This is the first time a British political party has made use of hyperlocal digital tools to locate and categorize individual users to a sub-regional level and present them up with campaign literature of their local candidate and related issues.

This worked to present the Liberal Democrats as a party that put the individual and local concerns of voters first. The lessons from this are clear, if your website content is more personal and less generic, then you can have a significant impact on how the public views you or your organisation.

Expect other political parties in future elections to adopt this approach, which is already being used to secure us online. In politics small margins can make a huge impact on the final result; this is no different in other areas such as fighting fraud. If that last piece of IP geolocation technology information regarding where the fraudster is operating from results in a fraudulent purchase being blocked then the final victory lies with the merchant.

Just as every vote should count, we say make every transaction Kount.