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Fraud: An Adversary to the Gaming Industry’s Bottom Line, Fairness

posted on: Thu Apr 17 2014

Hordes of zombies. Enemy forces. The clock ticking ever closer to 0:00.

Of all the adversaries the gaming world pits the player against, perhaps the most frightening is not being properly fought by online game companies: fraudsters.

Online, role-playing, free-to-play, mobile and MMO games are among the riskiest segments in the ecommerce world. Perhaps more than any other industry, gaming relies on a level playing field, especially where virtual and real currencies are involved. Fraud tilts this field toward the nefarious. While legitimate gamers commit extensive time to gain strength, skills, weapons and other strategic advantages, fraudsters disrupt gameplay by purchasing these without any time or legitimate monetary investments – threatening the overall game experience and the livelihood of developers, publishers and the industry at large.

Kount’s award-winning fraud and risk management software has protected some of the world’s best known brands for years and gaming companies are now realizing the benefits of a powerful fraud detections and prevention solution. Jagex, maker of RuneScape, not only cut chargeback rates but actually added 4% to their bottom line in the form of decreased rejection rates. After implementing Kount, Linden Labs cut fraud expenses by 50%, saving $180,000 annually with zero decline in sales.

Serving international gamers from 180 countries, Kount is device and currency agnostic, making it a perfect fit for gaming companies that accept credit/debit cards, gift cards, PayPal, or even virtual currencies. Kount’s 300 millisecond response time means there is no discernable wait to disrupt the gaming experience.

To help inform the gaming community about the threat of fraud to online gaming, what better way than to create a game? Kount will soon release a standalone online game called Fraud Tycoon that is both fun and easy to play while informing the player of the risks online gaming brands face in their battle with fraudsters. Check out the trailer below!