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How To Deploy the Most Powerful Fraud Prevention Solution in 60 Minutes

posted on: Wed Sep 24 2014

NOTE: account names have been redacted for privacy/security reasons.

Kount Central is a ground-breaking service that now allows payment processors to employ Kount's leading fraud prevention solution on behalf of their merchant customers. Aimed at the top of the payment chain, Kount Central integrates with the processing systems of acquirers, payment service providers, hosted pay pages, payment gateways, etc., enabling them to help merchants dramatically reduce the negative effects of fraud.

ClockOne of the most startling aspects of Kount Central is the speed at which even the largest merchants can begin using what many analysts consider the best CNP fraud prevention solution in the industry. For example, with Kount Central, [redacted]--a leading payment processor--was able to implement Kount's fraud prevention solution on behalf of [redacted]--a top 100 ecommerce merchant handling millions of transactions a day--in just 60 minutes and with no intervention by [redacted's] IT group!

The processor, [redacted], was pleased because they were able to offer one of their key customers an important, value-added service. Easily, quickly and cost-effectively. And at the same time, [redacted] was able to move the conversation past "how much do we need to shave our fees (again) in order to retain you as a client?" to "how much money can we help you add to your bottom line?"

The merchant, [redacted], was able to avoid the delay of getting on their IT department's calendar. (How often have you heard this from your IT team: We have so many projects going on right now, but we might have time to talk in a few months..."?). At the same time, [redacted] was able to significantly upgrade their protection against fraud (the record-breaking Home Depot breach could make things very ugly this holiday season) with the Kount solution that not only beats fraud, but actually helps boost sales!

Are you a payment processor looking to offer your merchants new, added-value services? Visit our Kount Central site. Or sign up for a free demo to see how Kount Central can help you easily and cost-effectively differentiate your company from competitors.