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Just One More Thing About Those “Damn Emails”

posted on: Wed Nov 18 2015

emailsThe primary race is in full swing, with political candidates stumping along the trail from local rallies to major debates. For Hillary Clinton, time and time again the dreaded topic of emails continues to pop up, even leading her competition to say, “enough of your damn emails.” But a simple email address can play a major role for merchants in preventing online fraud.

So what’s the big deal about emails and what do they have to do with fraud prevention?

They’re Universal Data Points

Email addresses offer universal data points that are already collected during most transactions and, sometimes, the only data point available to a merchant. It’s a small bit of information, but can be used for intelligent fraud risk assessment.

They Can Reveal Characteristics of Fraud

An email address can be used as the key data element to identify transactional risk and streamline transaction approvals. Email addresses often reveal a history of fraudulent and safe transactions – the longer the history of an email account, the more likely it is to be a legitimate consumer. An email address itself, such as how many numbers there are, what domain name it uses, can also show whether or not the user behind it has genuine intentions.

They Can Signal Patterns of Fraud

How often an email address is used for a transaction is another important indicator to detect fraud patterns. When an email address is used frequently within a short time period, it can act as a signal for fraud. Also, when combined with other transaction factors, it can aid in even greater risk assessment of fraud. In the integration with email risk assessment solution Emailage, Kount has been able to analyze email addresses with machine learning to detect fraud trends and patterns.

An email address is only one factor utilized by Kount to determine the likelihood of fraud, but it is a major one. You’ll want to make sure you’re engaging with businesses with a thorough fraud solution in place that can also detect risk from email transactions. And that’s enough of what we have to say about those damn emails.

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